Friday, 19 May 2017

Review: Parallax by DT Dyllin

Parallax (Starblind #2)Tamzea, a Mazatimz healer, found a home as part of the crew on the starship The Pittsburgh. But when a part of her past crashes into her present, she’s forced to face the uncertainty of her future.

Dragged back to a place Tamzea had hoped to leave in her worst nightmares, she discovers Eron, a man she thought dead. Determined to save each other, Tamzea and Eron must find a way to work together, despite their torrid past.

With partial truths, and political games, will Tamzea be able to fix Eron, or is he too broken for even her to heal?

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars

I will never get tired of saying Dyllin is one of my favourite authors, her books are an auto-read for me. No blurb needed. And I'm never disappointed. I devoured this book in a day, i just couldnt put it down.

One of my favourite things about her books is she writes kick-ass women. They may not always start that way, but by the end of the book they have toughened up and can hold their own when they need to. And Tamzea is one of those women. 

In the beginning of the book she is very much the damsel in distress but thats not her fault, her species as a whole are pacifists. As the book progresses she realises that she needs to take control and be there for her loved ones, she cant keep relying on others to save the day. She may not ever be as gung-ho as Jane but she wont be found passed out in a corner waiting to be rescued. Not any more.

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