Our Policies

Review Policies

While we’d love to read every book that is requested of us, it’s not possible. If we accept your request we will do our best to get your review out in the time stated. With that being said please keep in mind that we do not charge for our reviews, we are all full time mothers with families that require our time and sometimes we are unable to read within the time agreed. If this happens please know that we are really sorry but we will aim to get your review out as quickly as possible.

Shona reads romance, paranormal, contemporary, dystopian, crime, urban fantasy and women's fiction, through YA, NA and Adult ranges.

Claire reads paranormal, fantasy, romance/chick lit, adult, biographies, thrillers, suspense, crime.

Clare will read anything.

Ikira reads Adult, fantasy/sci fi, period, chick lit, romance.

If you are an independent author with a book that doesn’t fall into any of the above genres please email us and we will consider reviewing it.

Where possible reviews will be posted to the blog, our individual Goodreads and Amazon accounts.

If your book is part of a series, please make sure to contact us to see if we have read the other books first. If it is the second book in the series, we will consider reviewing it as long as both books are sent.

Please keep in mind that you are asking for an honest review and as such we cannot guarantee that it will be a positive review.

Any print copies that are sent are to be considered gifts..

We are also happy to feature author spotlights, and guest posts. If you would be interested then email us at BookyRamblings@gmail.com

Giveaway Policies

If you are interested in Booky Ramblings hosting a giveaway for your book you are more than welcome to send us a request. If you would like to just host a giveaway with no guest post/interview/review that is fine with us. If there are certain requirements you would like added for entries into the giveaways ex: follow your twitter account, blog or Facebook page please include that in your request along with the appropriate links.

For giveaway provider:
  • We only do giveaways via Rafflecopter. 
  • Please include whether the giveaway is to be open internationally or not. If not please state clearly which country it is open to (we are based in the UK). 
  • We will email the provider the winners information unless otherwise stated. 
  • We promote our giveaways on the blog, twitter, and Facebook. 
  • Giveaways may include anything book or book related including swag. 

For giveaway entrant:
  • We chose our winners via rafflecopter. 
  • Winners are contacted when they win and have 48 hours to claim their prize otherwise a new winner will be chosen. (Unless stated otherwise) 
  • Make sure you fill out the rafflecopter carefully. If you do not enter the appropriate information that entry will not count. We will not track down your tweet and/or fb post. 
  • We reserve the right to disqualify an entry. 
  • If the giveaway has a mandatory requirement to enter the giveaway, you must do it in order for your entries to count. Failure to do so will result in all of your entries being disqualified. 
  • Entering the same giveaway under multiple names will result in all entries being disqualified. 

*We are not responsible for lost or damaged prizes.* 
We never disclose anyone's personal information to third parties.


  1. Waiting on my 1st book back from the editor in a couple of weeks or so. Love your site, how do i submit a book if it is not yet out. Hoping to self publish Dec/Jan.

    Not your typical author, Dyslexic, got an 'e' in english. I had a weird dream or 6 or 7 the same night. wrote down about 50 bullet points and then picked it up in Jan and made a new year resolution like we all do. 123,000 words later here we are.

    TW Your the first I have contacted, liked your twitter profile and your website even more.

    Good luck girls.


    1. Hi Trev, if you'd like one of us to read for you, you can email us on bookyramblings@gmail.com for consideration. If you'd rather wait until publication that's fine, however in the past authors have sent electronic copies direct to email or kindle.
      We do all have rather heavy reading schedules at the minute, but assuming someone has space to read for you we can discuss your options via email.


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