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Blog Tour - Life is Art: Cover and Art Design by Danny Rei

 Designer Spotlight

I’m Danny and I’m 21. I love beautiful book covers and posters. Ever since I was a child, I was very artistic and won several drawing competitions. As I grew up, my interest in art and design expanded somewhat. What started as something I enjoyed and was good at, became a passion.

My passion in art and design led me to start my own forum to satisfy my need to meet others with the same interests. As a result, I had to design my own buttons, banners, avatars and signatures.
Upgrading my skills came naturally, and soon I became fascinated with Photoshop and the endless possibilities I can discover with the program – from photo manipulating to digital painting from a plain white sheet.
I love reading books and seeing beautiful and creative cover designs inspires me. Not only to I enjoy the designing process, perfection is what I aim for.

I created my cover art service to help indie authors find the right cover artist for them. I have enjoyed working with several indie authors, as well as with a fantastic publisher – E.A.R. Publishing Company. Our collaboration has resulted in creating over 20 covers and other art works for the purpose of book promotion.

I do not have a specific way of working. Every client is special, unique and original, thus, my process is different every time. Usually, I ask the author if they have a specific vision of their cover art and go from there. And for those who are not sure what they want in particular, I ask for a sample of their book and the blurb. After I have digested the information, I suggest ideas and we go from there.

Art is Life really is a bespoke service that caters to the individual author’s needs.

Showcase of Work.


‘Demonic Saviour’, by Author Katherine Rocholz, is one of my most favourite cover designs I have made so far. I know having favourites isn’t something I should do, because all of my cover designs are like my children, but I just love this one so much. I drew this personally and I especially like the ‘dirty’ lines of the art.

Red Moon by Author J.V.K… I love this piece. Not only because it fits the second book perfectly, it is dear to me because the fragments of the compositions. A dear friend of mine is the model, and the dress she is wearing is my prom dress. So, naturally this cover means a lot to me. I love the simplicity of the colours: red – black – white. It is eye-catching, simple, and in a way unique.


The ‘UnForgotten’ anthology cover is also one of my favourite pieces. Maybe it is the theme of the writing contest organised by E.A.R. Publishing, or the calm, blue colours, but this definitely is something I enjoy looking at.

Of Gael

‘Of Gaea’ by Victoria Escobar is my most recent art work. I have to say that when I read the blurb, I was fascinated with the story and felt privileged that the Victoria chose me as her cover artist. I loved working with her.


Aah, ‘Another Way to Bleed’ by Author Susan Harris! This one is special to me in its own way. The model on the cover is a personal friend of mine and her personality fits the main character in Susan’s debut novel perfectly.

And these are some of my pre-made cover designs for sale :

10    9    6


“I had an idea, but no matter how hard I tried to make a reality it just wasn’t working for me.  Getting a cover artist was the only option, but I wasn’t sure I would find something cost efficient for my meagre budget and exceptionally talented.  It was with much reluctance I send out a bunch of emails to varying cover artists.  I’m so glad I did.

Art is Life: Cover and Art Design is the greatest blessing any indie author (or author in general) could ask for.  Not only is she massively cost efficient, she took my idea and created the most gorgeous cover I have ever seen.  She really listened and took my input rather than just brushing away my thoughts.  She was completely patient, and made changes every time I asked her to without hesitation.  It was awesome.

I am 100 percent in love with my cover.  I’ll never go to anyone else for cover art.  Art is Life: Cover and Art Design has my business for the foreseeable future!” - Victoria Escobar, Author

Art is life; cover and design is a brilliant, imaginative and creative company that provides quality work and an excellent service. Being an author myself, I had a clear imagine in my mind of what I would like for my debut novel's book cover. Having given my publisher a sample of something I would like, the wonderful artist behind Art is Life: cover and design took my idea and blew it out of the water. In an instant the character whose voice was rambling around in my head came to life in a single image. And even when I asked for something to be included in the design, it was done to perfection. If you want a one of a kind cover for your book, I would urge to choose Art is Life; cover and design. You will not be disappointed with the end result..... and I can't wait to work with them again when It's time to sort out a cover for any future novels I am planning to write. -  Susan Harris, Author

Interview with Danny Rei

How would you describe your design style?

Messy, might describe it perfectly. I have no idea how to explain that properly, but it really is a strange thing… Sometimes I have a clear idea of what I want to do and how to do it, others it is just an outline and I have to take a breather and sit back to wait for the process to start.

When I draw, especially, it is a dirty, dirty thing. For example, the last drawing I finished was of a girl with black hair and blue highlights. I originally wanted red highlights, but then I did the background sky and the red fell back right away. I still wanted a red detail in my drawing and I ended up with a red lips instead of black ones.

When did you first start designing?

Well, that is funny, because it was in the kindergarten. We had to make cards for our parents. It was just a childish drawing with leaves and dried flowers, but it was still kind of like designing.

Later on in school, we had to design a concept for our own product. I remember I did a Manga volume with the cover design and the story line, etc. Before that, I made a forum to satisfy my need to connect with other anime lovers. For this, I had to design the logo, the buttons… It was a fun project. I ended up with a crazy bunch of people that I will love forever.

Your current Facebook page ‘’ appears to be your main platform for showcasing and promoting Art is Life: Cover and Art Design, why did you decide Facebook was the way to go?

Honestly, I created Art is Life to showcase my digital paintings, but later I decided that my talent can benefit the indie community, which I have been a part of for three years now. I see lots of authors who are in need of a reliable, affordable, friendly service. I first started to help only my friends, because there were other artists on the web, but then one of the authors I worked with asked me why I don’t I have an art service platform, and thus my art service was created. I want to create a blog, but I am fairly new to the blogger system and running one seems so hard.

Is there is one thing that you learned since you started designing that you wish you knew when you first started out – what would that be?

I learnt a lot of things to be honest. Mostly, I wish I knew that.

What are some of your favourite things to do outside of designing?

I love writing, listening to music, drawing. There a lot of things I enjoy, but mostly staying at home and enjoying my time with my boyfriend (that sounds weird, but I am a homemaker. I do not like going out, staying out late clubbing.) I love cooking and playing with my dog, Sarah.

Sum up in 50 words or less why indie authors should approach you about design.

I am friendly, patient, and I can make your book’s “face” come alive.

Thank you, now just enough time for a few randoms! 

Do you ever design in your PJ’s?

It is the only thing I feel comfortable in. I am in pajamas all day when I am at home :D

Sleep in or get up early?

Depends on the mood I wake up in.

Cats or dogs?

I love cats, and I am generally a cat person. But I love so much my weiner dog, Sarah. She is the cutest thing ever! She is almost 12 and she is getting white all over :D

Favorite food?

Oh, that is hard! I love so many things. But rice with chicken is among my favorite, also musaka (a native Bulgarian meal) and as well as tarator (it is so refreshing and light, ideal for the summer! )

Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?

None, I love mint with chocolate!

What is a movie or TV show that you watched recently and really enjoyed?

I am a Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock nut. I also enjoy Arrow. But that is about it. I loved the “Hotel Transylvania” animation.

Where can we STALK you?

My facebook page:

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us and allowing us a glimpse into your designing world.


Giveaway Info
There are two giveaways being held to promote the amazing Art is Life: Cover and Art Design. One is specifically for authors, the second is for everyone.

Author Giveaway Prizes
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or, 50% off a cover design

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