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Kaya's Curse Cover reveal.

Finished Kaya's Curse
Book Synopsis.

Blaine and Kaya have been together since freshmen year in high school. Although it was love at first sight, it took some convincing on her part. Blaine and Kaya are complete and total opposites. Kaya is a free loving Rastafarian, who loves reggae and has thick blonde dreads. She fell for Blaine an uptight conservative, who hates music and anything other than school. Blaine has a one track mind and that mind is getting him into Harvard Medical. But with everything weighing against them, they found true love.

In a blink of an eye, everything in their life changes, Blaine’s life spirals out of control, losing the one thing he was sure he wouldn’t. When life changes in a blink of an eye, Blaine makes a choice. The question is: Is the choice he made a good or a bad one.

Love survives everything, even death……
With all magic comes a price……


 I ate my sandwich in peace, with only the birds for company. Here’s the thing about feelings: I felt like I was ok out here, I felt like no one would catch me. Somehow my feelings betrayed me, I looked up and out of the corner of my eye I saw blonde dreadlocks moving through the bleachers. She was far enough away still that I could have gotten up and left. I was just about to when she called my name. “Blaine,” she waved. When I looked at her I was stuck. My body froze, I was immobile. And then I did something I could have sworn was someone else. I waved at her, when she saw I was finally responding to her like a normal human, she gave me a mischievously sexy grin. My heart stopped, could she be getting prettier? Was that even possible? It was; the proof was walking toward me right now. She had her dreads tied back, but some had escaped and were floating through the air as she quickened her pace. Her shirt was red with the words Rasta written on it and Bob Marley’s face within the lettering.“I have been looking for you all day,” she explained as she closed in. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of vulnerability as she stood in front of me. “Why?” I questioned. “I don’t know really, I thought maybe—we could talk more,” she shrugged. When she did a stray lock fluttered in front of her face, making the sun reflect off of the golden highlights. “Why would you want to talk to me? It’s not like I give off the friendliest appearance,” I started gathering my things. I was going to leave like I had with all the other people who had tried to talk to me. If anything I needed to leave, she was causing me to question my sanity. “That’s the thing, I don’t think you’re as mean as everyone thinks you are. There is no way someone who looks like you could be that big of an asshole. You have pissed off a lot of people today; it was funny hearing all the girls complain, saying you wouldn’t give them the time of day. There was rumors spreading, everyone thinks you’re gay,” she stated seriously.I laughed; I laughed so hard it rattled my chest. “Gay? What would give them that impression? I swear this is the exact reason I tried not talking to anyone. Drama, it seems like they can’t live without it.” “Sounds a lot like high school; Oh—wait we are in high school. You just seem to have missed the memo,” she teased. “No, I didn’t miss anything. I just don’t want to act like a child. Why do you need drama? It’s pointless, we are in school to learn and get ready for the real world.” It was getting exhausting telling this to kids my age. It was good advice, but instead of taking it they called me names.

“This is how you prepare for your life after high school. If you think the real world doesn’t have drama, then you are sadly mistaken my friend. If anything the ‘real world’ as you like to call it, is worse than high school,” she stated .She was getting more and more attractive as the time passed. My breathing started to hitch, I needed to get away from her. “Well—this,” I moved my eyes to her and then to the ground. “Was nice, but I have to go. I like to get to my classes on time,” I waved awkwardly to her and set off. “You can run Blaine but you can’t hide. I usually get what I want.” I didn’t know what she was talking about. All I knew was I had to get away, and as far as I could. I laughed to myself. She was so amazing, and she was right, she got what she wanted, me. She never gave up, she was relentless. No matter if I hid in the library or bleachers, she even found me in the bathroom a couple of times. Every time she would find me she would tell me I needed to be more creative with my hiding spots. Kaya was mine now, and I was glad she didn’t give up on me.

“You ready Blaine?” asked Mr. Juno the principle. “I was born ready,” I shook his rough plump hand and walked onto the stage. Kaya was sitting in the crowd with all the other kids in our graduating class, it was a sea of white hats. Standing out with her blonde dreads piled on top of her head. I smiled at her beautiful face when I spotted her. I looked to the front and there my mother and father were sitting. My mother had a sour look on her face as my father checked his watch repeatedly. My smile faltered, and as it did Kaya caught on to my worried look. She waved both her hands in the air to get my attention, and when I looked at her she flashed me. My mouth fell open, but I was only in shock for a minute. I shook my head and walked up to the podium.

Time to give the best damn speech anyone has ever heard, “Fellow students, teachers, and family. We are here today to celebrate the ending of a chapter, and the beginning of another. My name is Blaine Macalister if you didn’t know, and I have been honored with the title of valedictorian. The last four years I have been here at Angelo Rodriguez High have been the best years of my life. I have found myself, as I am positive most the student body has. I have met some of the finest people in my life,” I looked at Kaya then at my best friend Gabriel. He was the guy who talked to me at orientation, telling me Kaya wouldn’t want anything to do with me, boy was he wrong. And that’s the reason we became friends, he was in awe at how I had her chasing me all over campus. “I am honored to call this school ‘my school’. I’m supposed to be up here telling you what we are going to have to look forward to in life. And I will, life is going to be kick ass after school,” everyone in the crowd gasped. They weren’t used to me cussing; I was after all--the chosen one. “I wanted to give you something you all would remember, something that would leave an impression on your minds for the rest of your lives. Just remember one thing, and everything else in life will be easy, it will be beautiful if you choose it to be. Love—love is what I want you all to keep in your hearts. It’s the only thing in life worth fighting for, without it we are just hollow, soulless vessels. So, if you do anything in life, something you know will be worth fighting for, love. Love your family, love your friends, and find that someone who makes you want to be a better person. Love is the reason I treasure this school the most, I have met my soul mate walking the halls of this school, or more accurately, hiding from the halls in this school,” I chuckled. “So I thank you all, and I thank the universe, as weird as it may seem. My life began at this school, and it taught me everything my mother had always been trying to tell me, love is what is important. I love you mom, and Kaya,” I found her in the crowd. “I love you with my heart and soul Goldie Locks,” I blow her a kiss, and then ripped open my shirt, where my chest was covered in words. It said, “Without your love I would have been a soulless vessel.”

My mother was crying, and my father was looking at me like I had lost my mind, and maybe I had. He hadn’t raised me to act like a crazed love-sick pup. I was raised to be reserved and strong. It seems like my mother won, she has always wanted me to open up more, and I knew by looking at her now that she was the most proud she has ever been.

Author Bio, Stina Rubio

59962_533837536640147_5026391_nStina is the mother of three energetic boys (Daniel Jr. age 8, Zion age 6, Ezra age 1) they are her everything, the Princes' of her heart. She has been with her husband Daniel for 11 years., and still going strong. A true California native (although she sometimes questions why she is so pale, vampire perhaps? Only kidding) Writing has always been a passion along with read. When she was a child she wrote short stories and poem, getting negative attention from teachers, asking if she was demented. Turns out she wasn't, she just has an over active imagination.

Along with Kaya's Curse, Stina has written another book that is NA paranormal The Forgotten Princess.

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