Sunday, 5 May 2013

Athine Verses: The Beginning Review by Chloe

Athine Verses: The Beginning by Shannon McRoberts

Book Synopsis

Athine has always been told that she is to be the protector of the lands.  She has trained for years to be this protector and possible future ruler, but Athine has no desire to be ruler of a conquered land.  She wants only to have her own adventures.  She gets her wish when she is tested in the A'samrad and finds out that she has the power to kill other immortals.  She also discovers there is a prophecy about her destroying the world with her powerful magic, but is that prophecy true or being manipulated by someone else? 

Chloe's Review - 4 out of 5 stars.

In this book the main charecters are Athine, Harmonia, Kinir, Ares, Aelonara, Mnemosyne and Essnem. This book is based on time in the Greek Gods and Godesses.  I have never read a book like this but i have to say, it was very well written. In this book Harmonia has a lot of secrets kept from her . Will she ever find out what they are?  Will she ever find out the truth about her life?

Athine Verses has 21 diffrent chapters. A diffrent story by every one. Every chapter it says what chapter it's at and who's telling it. I like it when Athine tells her story because she explains how she feels and whats going on aroud her.

While reading this I felt like I was in the book. I was refusing to put it down. I was reading on and on and on, it was that good.

I really enjoyed this book. I hope there is more to come.


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  1. Wow. Thank you for this review. I landed on it looking for something on my book tour about my Verses of Athine, which has this book and the next 3 installments included. I am currently writing book 5 in this series. :) Athine Verses: The Beginning is and will remain free...and it should be free everywhere by now. I also have two other short stories for free on Smashwords and its distributors. I plan to make more shorts available as time permits.