Friday 31 May 2013

Seducing Samantha Review

SS  Seducing Samantha by R.E Butler


Elementary school music teacher Samantha Thomas moved to Ashland to start her life over. What she didn’t expect was for her ex-husband to follow her to Ashland to take over the vacant principal job at her school. After some clever plotting by one of her students, she meets the gorgeous Grant Fallon and accepts a date with him. On the way home, her car gets stuck and she finds herself face to face with another gorgeous man asking her for a date – Grant’s brother, Aaron. How will Sam decide between Grant and Aaron, when both men fill her with desire?

Mountain lions Grant and Aaron Fallon grew up believing that love was not meant for their kind. When their pride left their former home in Pennsylvania and settled in Ashland, Indiana, they were suddenly able to live their lives however they wanted, without the threat of the female lions holding them back. When they realize that they both want Samantha, they decide to follow their instincts and share her. Can two brothers share a mate? Will Samantha want to be shared?

Lisa's Review - 2 out of 5 stars

I went into reading Seducing Samantha with open eyes, I wasn't aware of the authors previous books, I only quickly skimmed the synopsis, so I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. I thought it might be an interesting take from the paranormal side of things, instead of werewolves, we had these mountain lions instead. By the end of the book I wished the writing had concentrated more on the mountain lions, than on the se side of things!

The title is Seducing Samantha - except there was very little seducing going on. As much as a book is very rarely written based on true events, there needs to be an element of realisticness to a story, even if it is paranormal and based on 'mythical' or paranormal creatures. This book could have intertwined the realness of Samantha, with the paranormal side of the mountain lions, but it failed to do so, leading me to sit shaking my head at the fact that some of the happenings in the book were so far fetched it put me off reading.

But, I did finish the book, although I have to say it did take some effort. There are quite a few sex scenes in the book, a few of them are rather hot and steamy, but a lot of them are rather repetitive and have no 'oomph' to them.

I know that R.E Butler has called this book 1 in the Ashland Pride series, so I guess there is more of the story to come, but it did get quite good when it came to an altercation that saw one of the female lions come on for a chapter or so, and I thought ok, this is it, it will get good now. Unfortunately, that kind of tailed off to nowhere, and led to a rather dull ending. I would have much rather seen the female lion bit carried on in this book than wait for another one or have the ending this one did.

Sorry to say, but Seducing Samantha didnt get my inner cat going.

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