Wednesday 8 May 2013

Waking Up Married Review

wum Waking Up Married by Mira Lynn Kelly

Book Synopsis

Her first thought: "Who are you?"

It's the morning after her cousin's bachelorette party in Vegas and Megan Scott wakes up with the mother of all hangovers. Even worse, she's in a stranger's penthouse having woken up with something else as well - a funny, arrogant, sexy...husband!

Up until now, finding even a boyfriend had seemed impossible - been there, got the broken heart, sworn off men for good. Then a few martinis with, Connor Reed and she's gone from first meet to marriage in one night!

Megan wants a lawyer. But Connor's shocking bombshell?

"I don't want a divorce."

Lisa's Review - 4 out of 5 stars.

I wanted to read Waking Up Married as I thought that after a few serious reads, this would be light, girly, fluffy and easy to read. I wasn't expecting much from this, the synopsis kind of reminded of a movie, What Happens In Vegas, starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz - light, cheesy rom com. I thought Waking Up Married would be  a book version.

The first thing that surprised me were the characters. I was expecting Megan to be a ditzy, bubbleheaded bimbo. Wrong. She is strong, independant, and level headed - with the exception of her drunken wedding night! I thought Connor was going to be a joker, not taking it seriourly and just hoping Megan would remain to be his wofe. Wrong again. Connor is cocky, arrogant, strong willed.

Waking Up Married may have been slightly predictable, I pretty much expected the ending as soon as I started reading, but there were a few twists to the lives of the main characters that it didn't make the ending predictably boring. The characters so well written, that for a lot of the book I really disliked Connor, his controlling ways and his arrogance. But towards the end of the book we learn in more depth why Connor is like this, and it isn't a case of the character suddenly becoming this amazing guy, but it is worked in well and I found myself really liking him and hoping that the outcome was going to be what I hoped.

Waking Up Married was a pleasant surprise. I do wish the book had been longer and their story continued, I devoured this on just one day and shocked myself that I was sad when I finished it.


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