Monday 10 June 2013

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June 10-17

Book Description

Strange things happen on Nortica; people disappear and voices call from the ocean. For Stella Shaw, things are about to get even more weird.

Welcome to Nortica. Population: ten.

After her latest run-in with the police, Stella’s mom takes her back to her childhood home, the island Nortica. But they find it much different than the stories Mom told. Most of the people have disappeared and the ones left are really weird. 
When her mom turns out to be the next victim of the island, Stella is forced into a dangerous race to find her while learning the secrets that the ocean holds

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars

When I first started reading Sapphire city I had  no idea what it was about. Absolutely none. I know that sounds ridiculous. How can you not know what the book is about when the front cover clearly has that beautiful mermaid on it? Well since I read this book as part of a blog tour I received an ecopy to read on my kindle, which meant I didn't get to see the stunning cover until writing my review. My experience of mermaid stories is extremely limited. I read The little mermaid as a child and watched the Disney adaptation growing up. I also remember watching Splash! when I was younger and then there was that episode of Charmed where Phoebe became a mermaid.. I also read a book where a mermaid was a side character, but it didn't focus on her abilities. So that's it. Until now. And I doubt I could have picked a better story to get started with.

My main reason for accepting a position on this blog tour was the author Amy Richie. I've read several of her books and I haven't found one yet that I didn't enjoy. Richie's writing captures your attention and doesn't let it go until the book is done and I LOVE when that happens (even if it is slightly inconvenient at the time). Richie's world building is supreme, without overloading the reader with descriptive text we still get the full picture. Richie gives us just enough for our minds to see the places Stella goes, and truthfully it makes me a little jealous that I can't actually see them for real  myself.

Stella starts out as this naïve 15-year-old girl, and this was something I had to keep reminding myself because sometimes she seemed more mature. But then she would say something and I'd think "Yup! Fifteen year old girl talking". Stella has so much to deal with in this book, she learns so much not just about herself, but about the people surrounding her. From the weird neighbours to her mother. Stella has a strength that she hasn't discovered yet and hopefully by the time book 2 comes round she will have tapped into that strength and realise that she is the one in control.

What people are saying about Sapphire City!

"A different kind of ending for sure, Nice story! I knew I had it figured out, til I read the next page! Hopefully the sequel comes out soon!" ~ MPR1

"I felt compelled to keep reading, desperate to find out what happened next." ~ R. Kight

 "The story ended so perfect. I kept waiting for another twist." ~ Jess



Amy Richie was born in a small northern Ohio town where she grew up and lives there still with her three children. She comes from a large family with an even larger extended family. In 2012, Amy joined up with Anchor Group Publishing and now has two series started. The Immortal Love Series and The Blood Vine Series, a new YA. Amy writes things that are not of this world; either paranormal or fantasy. Vampires, werewolves, mermaids, time travel, ghosts, and even garden gnomes. To find out more about Amy Richie or her books visit her at .


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