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In My Face by Chamera Sampson

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Here’s a glimpse at some things many people don’t know about my latest released young adult novella, In My Face and a sneak peek at one of my current works-in-progress! Enjoy!



For Tatianna, summer meant ice cream, day dreaming, and countless hours of Pablo Neruda. She never meant to meet Mark, and she definitely didn't expect to fall in love.

But when she meets the cute and alluring boy in front of her favorite ice cream truck, her idea of summer, boys, and love swiftly melts away.

As school starts and summer steadily fades, Tatianna must ask herself several questions. The most important one: Is Mark the guy meant for her, or has there been someone in her face all along?
Ten Facts about In My Face

  1. Tatianna, the main character, has a lot of me poured into her. One example: her love for writing!

  2. Pablo Neruda is infused within In My Face. Tatianna spends an endless amount of time with his poetry and for her, he is a huge inspirational icon.

  3. Tatianna and Mark (and their crazy relationship) are both loosely based on my first real relationship. I was even around the same age as Tati when it occurred. Even though this is true when I say loosely, I mean it; this is not a memoir and what happens in the book didn’t happen to me.

  4. Tatianna is obsessed with ice cream! It’s very evident throughout the novel and the sweet treat will always remind her of another central character in the story, Bug. If I go into it any further, I’d enter spoiler territory.

  5. In My Face is a great summer read! It’s all about teens, summer, ice cream, and love!

  6. “Tatianna is so strong yet vulnerable that you'll love her. Her story reminds us the joy and pain of growing up.”
    This quote is from a review by Rosemary K. This explains Tatianna perfectly. (You can find the full review on Goodreads.)

  7. There is a little bit of common Spanish infused into lines of In My Face, normally in scenes featuring Tatianna’s mother. Why? Tati’s father is of Latin descent. Her mother, however, is African American and speaks Spanish. The Spanish isn’t overwhelming in the story and the words are easily interpreted.

  8. Tatianna and her sisters all have names ending in “-anna”. Why did her mother do that? Her name is Arianna. Coincidently, Tatianna’s god sister has a name ending in “-anna” too (Shanna). I like to think it was planned by the moms when they were preggers with Tati and Shanna. Why did I pick these names? *shrugs* My subconscious really likes them, I guess. J

  9. The second novella in the series (slated for an early 2014 release) will be all about said god sister, Shanna, and one infuriating, hunky guy.

  10. In My Face is available for only $0.99 on Amazon. Get your dose of Tatianna, Mark and Bug now in this breezy summer read!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Here’s a small taste from the first chapter of my current WIP (slated for a late 2013/early 2014 release), Wanted! It’s a YA/NA Paranormal romance novel packed with action.

“ As a young child, Michael had never understood the reason for the underground lab, the weapons hidden behind paintings, and televisions, or the code-encrypted computers but he knew they were important to his dad.

He'd been there countless times since that first day. At first, it was for his father. He stayed there alone, with anything he could possibly need available to him, and Kim, a spirited blonde just twelve years his senior (whose relationship with his father he never knew), coming to check in on him at random intervals. The last time he'd been there seemed to be eons ago. He'd sworn after his 16th birthday, he was never to return.

His 16th birthday was the beginning of him learning the truth. He learned why he'd been hiding all of this time. He learned why his mother wasn't in the picture, and he learned about the one thing that completely changed his life. He and his father always moved from country to country, from state to state, never in the same place for more than a year for three main reasons.

Number one: his father worked for the government, in a department unlike any other.

Number two: his father was constantly being pursued. There was a price on his head.

Number three: His father had powers unlike any other; except for Michael, of course.

There had been plenty with unnatural powers, powers unthought-of as existent. But Michael, his powers were the strongest of them all and he... he was wanted.

But, it was perhaps, not what Michael learned that altered his life so drastically, but what he saw. For on his 16th birthday, Michael saw his father murdered in cold blood.

And from then out Michael wanted only one thing: Vengeance.”

Thanks so much for reading about both In My Face & Wanted!

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