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Write to Read Summer Take Over

The Struggle of Me
Write To Read
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The Struggle of Me is a singular YA Contemporary Romance novella written by several authors as a project to help generate funds for charity.
Read about the novella, the charity project, and future Write To Read projects!

It is only $.99 (77p) on Amazon, and proceeds for this project go to the organization, Reading is Fundamental.


After the death of their parents, Derrick and Arriane are whisked away to Maine to live with their aunt. Years later, they find themselves back in their small hometown of Cooper’s Pointe, and residing with their older brother, Lucas. What neither of them knew was that Lucas, who was already slowly heading towards self-destruction when they left, had become far worse than they, or their aunt, could have expected.

Skylar is popular. The idea of popularity has consumed her for years, but the stigma of her past continues to haunt her. When the handsome bully from her younger years- and ex-best friend- comes back into town with a slew of problems of his own, Skylar has to consider her options: get revenge, or learn to forgive?

The Struggle of Me is a touching story highlighting the individual pains of Derrick, Arriane, Skylar, and Lucas. Will they defeat the obstacles that hinder them or will they be defeated by the struggles that bind them?


The Write To Read Charity projects started with the thought: Everyone has the right to read.
Though this is true, many people aren’t able to do so. Maybe they don’t have a good library, or it is in a bad area. Maybe they have never been encouraged to read. Maybe they have never learned to read at all. Maybe they do not have the means to buy the books they so desperately want.

Write To Read works to encourage reading by distributing money donated to different charity organizations that strive to help with these problems. How do we get people to donate? Simple. We write.

We write to allow people the right to read.

The Struggle of Me is only the first of many upcoming Write To Read charity projects, each funding different organizations that encourage reading and help out similar good causes.

Up next is a poetry anthology, coming late 2014.

For more info on the Write to Read projects, check out and click the tab for Write To Read.

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