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The Lotus

LOTUS-COVER-Sept-27Book Synopsis

A fashion model’s scandalous erotic odyssey continues in the sequel to Cult of Beauty: the Secret Life of a Supermodel, as Katie Wolfer battles with her step-sister and gets in deep with a charismatic, French billionaire on a secret project: The Lotus. Rife with drugs, wild sex and other questionable behaviors, Katie's story is a roller coaster ride that pulls back the curtain on a shocking, decadent world.

As one of the most beautiful women in the world, Katie is a magnet for people’s desire, and she herself has a deep wild streak that makes her a perfect match for French aristocrat and polo player, Victor de Goncourt. He wants her to help him run a very special project: The Lotus. Can business and pleasure mix?

Excerpt from The Lotus, Book Two, Cult of Beauty Series by K M Dylan.

"... Our destination was the flagship Yves Saint Laurent store on the Avenue Montaigne. The store had been redesigned by Hedi Slimane himself, and consisted of white marble floors, shiny chrome trim everywhere and quilted leather walls. We were greeted at the door by a massive six-foot-five black doorman named Balthazar, and by a stunning platinum blonde Russian sales girl with blood-crimson lips named Sasha. She was petite but perfectly proportioned, and she wore the tiniest of black dresses that exposed her generous, milky white cleavage and thigh high boots that came just four or five inches short of the bottom of her dress. With a pretty, toothy smile, Sasha ushered us to an elevator in the back of the store. She said to Victor as she pushed the button, “I have your private room set up the way you asked, Monsieur le Comte. Will you need my assistance?” She gave him a knowing, veiled look. Victor smirked, “I always want your assistance, Sasha. You have such exquisite taste.”

The private room we went into was airy and comfortable with modern armchairs, a sofa and a rack of clothes on one end that appeared to be bondage-inspired fashion pieces. The room had a hushed, elegant feel of a private inner sanctum for the fashion elite. One had to be very well connected or extremely rich to be brought here . On a table, there was also a riding crop laying on a cushion, as well as a few sex toys. I walked over to inspect them, thinking, these aren’t just sex toys, they’re weapons in the war between Caroline and I for Victor’s attention.

“Well, this looks pretty scandalous,” I quipped, as I picked up a pink chrome butt plug with the YSL logo on it. I ran my fingers along its undulating, shiny shape, wanting to tease Victor, but also wondering what this thing would feel like in my bottom. I had no idea that this legendary fashion house made sex toys. Or was this a special order item made solely for a select group of kinky billionaire clients for a silly price?

Victor sat on the couch, and sprawled out his arms and legs like he was a sultan surveying his harem.

“That’s the idea, Katie,” he purred. “I’m taking you to one of my favorite clubs tonight, and I want you two to make a splash. I want you to be very scandalous.”

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Author Bio

K M Dylan is a former model turned author. She is half French, half American and lives in NYC.

Her introduction to erotica was from amazing classics her parents had hidden away. After reading books by Anais Nin, Emmanuelle Arsan and Pauline Reage's Story of O, she decided it was okay to experiment sexually, sometimes linked to a romantic relationship, and sometimes not. Ms Dylan's career in fashion together with her sexual exploration have provided inspirational material for her erotic writings. When she's not writing, she loves to collect art and travel.

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