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Take A Look At Me Now review

TALMN Take A Look At Me Now by Miranda  Dickinson


 How far would you go to make a new start?

When Nell’s on-off boyfriend Aidan calls her into his office, losing her job is the last thing she expects.

Heartbroken and unemployed to boot, she makes a radical decision to blow her redundancy cheque and escape to the untested waters of San Francisco.

But is the glamour of the city too good to be true? And can Nell leave her past behind?

Lisa's Review - 5 out of 5 stars

Step in to the world of Nell, a normal woman with a normal job, on/off boyfriend and a dream she keeps to herself. Until one day, when Nell is called into her on-off boyfriend-slash-boss's office thinking they are about to reunite for good, only to find her world turned upside down when he tells her she no longer has a job. Instead of wallowing for weeks on end and battling the never ending cycle of applying, and being rejected, for several jobs, she risks her entire redundancy paycheque by jetting off to San Francisco to stay with her cousin for 2 months.

Nell is officially my hero! There was something about her right from the first page that made me warm to her, and by the end of the book she felt like one of my best friends! Taking a chance and jetsetting off for an American adventure made her totally loveable and by half way through the book, I had my ideal ending planned out for Nell and couldn't help but root for her the whole way through.

I have never been to America, yet I feel like I know San Francisco pretty well. Miranda Dickenson managed to capture it beautifully, creating wonderfully vivid visuals really well, instead of creating a boring sightseers map! If I ever manage to get across the waters, she has managed to create me a list of must see's!

As well as Nell and San Fran, there is a whole bunch of fantastic characters that help Nell and this book along - and I loved them all! The Alfaros were an amazing old couple, and they make you think 'everyone knows an old married couple like this' but they provide so many laughs! A Goth coffee shop owner, a strict but loveable Diner owner, plus a handful of adorable school kids. And not mention the 2 handsome men who create the 'kind-of' love triangle!

Because of course there just had to be one! And usually I hate them, but I kind of loved this one, even though I knew from early on who I wanted Nell to end up with, and I whooped for joy when it happened!

As the end of the book neared, I started to panic that the ending I wanted for Nell wasn't coming, and that Miranda Dickenson was going to have to feel my wrath! Luckily, instead I get to send her a 5 star review because personally the ending was nothing short of perfect, and I even shed a little tear of pure happiness that Nell got what I wanted!

I don't often suffer from book hangovers, but I have a serious one after reading Take A Look At Me Now, and I didn't want Nell's story to end!


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