Thursday, 5 December 2013

Andy Siegel: Christmas For Authors

Thank you Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom for reading my debut novel, Suzy’s Case, giving it such a wonderful review and allowing me to be your guest Blogger.

With the story of little Suzy Williams and her resourceful mother, June, I wanted to put a human face on a reality I know so well from my daily working life: the intensity of the experience of personal injury victims and their families. Anyone, in the space of a heartbeat, can --- without warning --- find himself damaged in devastating ways.
None of us expects this, and therefore no one’s ever prepared for it. Suzy’s Case chronicles an instance when the victim is an innocent little girl whose future had been filled with tremendous promise. It also accounts a mother’s strong, deep, committed love for her child.

I have to say I don’t consider myself a  “mystery writer.” I’m a personal injury lawyer. I just felt I had a story to tell with an important message. The media likes to poke fun at guys like me --- ambulance chasers they call us. Any scene you’ve ever viewed in a movie or on television shows a guy in a neck brace, a scammer of the system. I get it and appreciate its humor, too, but I specialize in cases involving traumatic brain injury. Real people, whose lives and those of their families that has been tragically altered in a nano-second of inattention.

People should see the other side of personal injury law for what it is, by which I mean the side involving people and institutions that go to great lengths to cover up their misdoings. Just as clearly as there are people bringing meritless cases seeking to bilk the system, there are scores of people with genuine grievances, who’ve been victimized. The wrongdoers through their lawyers and insurance carriers, unfortunately, will do whatever they can, not to pay on a legitimate claim despite having a legal and contractual obligation to do so.

But I have to say, given what I’ve seen over the course of my twenty-year career, such injury stories are also always about the human spirit  --- not just about lawyers, doctors and insurance companies. Suzy’s Case is no exception.

Suzy's Case: A Novel

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