Friday, 27 December 2013

Maegan Provan: Christmas For Authors

Hi there! My name is Maegan Provan and I am the author of The Night Touched Chronicles. Book One: Celine is out now and Book Two: Jeremy is due out early in 2014.
I really couldn’t decide what to write about for this post. I thought about touching on the complete wall that is up in my brain in regards to the sequel. I thought about writing something about NaNoWriMo, but I kind of feel like everyone is talking about that right now. So I decided that I would write about my hopes for the next year and what I’m planning to release.

So yes, I am currently under an Extreme Writer’s Block Watch for the time being when it comes to the sequel but I am working very hard to get it out next year. And yes, currently I am working on a side project for NaNoWriMo, which I also plan to release next year, which doesn’t quite have a title yet. Next year I am planning to get more involved with blogging and connecting with my readers. I know the fan base is small and that is perfect for me to get to know everyone. I also want to get more involved with things like this. I would like to have other authors guest post on the blog and actually do interviews. I also want to start doing charity drives and auctions to help raise money for different causes. I hope that you all will be a part of that.
I sincerely hope this wasn’t too boring, I didn’t really know what else to write. Thank you for sticking around.

About Maegan

Maegan Provan is the author the Celine (The Night Touched Chronicles Book 1). She lives in Texas with her husband, their dog and two cats. Maegan loves to write and does so as often as she can; when she isn't busy at work, of course. When she isn't writing, Maegan spends lots of time with her husband; Skyping with her best friend and fellow author, Victoria Barrow; and playing copious amounts of Guild Wars 2 and Minecraft.


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