Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Flatter Me by Rene Folsom Review

Flatter Me* Flatter Me is an erotic romance short story for ADULTS ONLY! This novella is roughly 17,000 words and contains sexual situations between a female barista and three hot Australian men. *
Laney knows her life is boring, and now that it’s a new year, she’s looking forward to letting go and giving in to some of life’s simple pleasures. When three men with sexy Australian accents walk into her coffee shop, spouting cheesy one-liners in some desperate form of flattery, her New Year’s resolution is put to the test.

It figures that, through several amusing come-ons, she finally finds Trevor—a perfect man who just so happens to be unattainable due to his temporary status in the states. Laney’s days turn into a mixture of carefree desires and tough decisions, causing her to question what she truly wants from life.

Will her passionate heart be able to handle the likes of Trevor and his mates? Maybe. How about when she knows there’s the promise of something more to come? Now that’s more like it.

Claire's Review 5 of 5 Stars

Flatter me is a great erotic short story which keeps you hooked the whole way through! This has to be my favourite of the Roommate Romance Series! Rene just seems to be getting better and better and can do no wrong! I cannot wait to read what she comes up with next!

Warning though I should say never to read this book in public! :)

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