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Rome by Jay Crownover Blog Tour

 For all of you who loved bad-boys-with-a-heart Rule and Jet, I’m really thrilled to say that Jay Crownover’s third novel, ROME, is an absolute scorcher of a read. The eldest of the Archer boys is back from the desert in a whirl of loss and rage, and from the moment pissed-off punk rocker Cora dumps a beer on his head at Rule and Shaw’s housewarming party, it’s clear they’ve got chemistry.
The e-book published January 2nd in the UK, and we have e-proofs available for review now. I’m also excited to announce that HarperCollins have acquired the rights to the following three books in the Marked Men series; NASH, ROWDY and ASA (long may our love affair with tattooed men continue!).
Lisa's Review - 5 out 5 stars

When I received a copy of Rome from HarperCollins for review, I didn't realise that this was the third book in a series, and I got a little worried that I was going to get lost after not reading the first two books. But I shouldn't have worried, as it was so easy to read, and there was enough of the backstory included in Rome that I understood the history, and didn't get lost or confused.

Rome is a soldier returned from the battlefield for the final time. He has been through terrible things during his time as a soldier, things that haunt him day and night. He is broken and scarred, and struggling to come to terms with being back in a normal lifestyle and fitting back in with family and friends. But he meets Cora, a feisty tiny firecracker, and sparks fly, and Rome and Cora cant fight the feelings between them. But Cora had her heart smashed into pieces by her ex, and she has her own demons too.

I loved this story of two people coming together, and through thick and thin conquering all against the odds, even when they are constantly being thrown hurdles they have to overcome.

The book is filled with amazing characters, Rome the big, tough guy - literally - Cora the pixie like, tattooed and pierced, headstrong and fierce but still damaged. As well as all the other guys working at Marked, the tattoo parlour and Rome's family and friends, there is plenty going on all the way through this book.

There are some seriously sexy scenes in this book, steamy enough to make anyone a bit hot under the collar, and they are really well written. Im not always the biggest fan of sex scenes in a book, but boy did I enjoy these ones!

Without giving anything away there was an 'event' running through this book, and the only thing I didn't enjoy was the fact that this book ended before that 'event' had happened and I was really looking forward to seeing how it was handled. I guess I'll just have to hope it is covered in the next book!

As I said, I hadn't read book 1 or 2 before reading this instalment, but now I need to go and find myself copies as I enjoyed this one so much I want to read the others, and look forward to the books to come!

Claire's Review 4 of 5 Stars

Rome for me is a difficult one to review. To begin with I found the story hard to get into and 20% through the book I wasn't sure whether to continue, but I pushed on and ended up loving it! I found the relationship between Rome and Cora rather predictable and the whole book I could pretty much predict what was going to happen, however it was so well written I found myself draw into continuing to read it. Parts of the book even though I found predictable even reduced me to a blubbering wreck!

I will definitely have to read the 2 other 'Marked Men' books prior to this. Although you can read this as a standalone I am intrigued to learn more about the other characters in the book and find out more of the history.

As Lisa has mentioned in her review there is an 'event' happening throughout the book which is disappointing it doesn't happen in this book, as it would have been great to see how Rome and Cora would have coped. Lets hope its played out in the next book and not just skimmed over.

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