Saturday, 19 April 2014

Review: Stolen by Kelley Armstrong

Stolen (Women of the Otherworld, #2)
Elena Michaels is a wanted woman. Ten years ago she was transformed into a werewolf by her lover. Her transformation makes her powerful. But in the wrong hands, it also makes her deadly.
And now, just as she's coming to terms with it all, a group of scientists learns of her existence. They're hunting her down, and Elena is about to run straight into their trap. But they haven't reckoned on Elena's adoptive family, her Pack, who will stop at nothing to get her back.
They haven't reckoned on Elena, either. And that's a very big mistake ...

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars

This second book in the series was a great way to continue the story of Elena and her pack and introduce us to other supernaturals that will feature later in the series.

I love the development of Elena's character in this book. She starts out this super confident, super strong woman, but within a relatively short period of time she realises that her wolfy strength isnt going to be enough to save her this time. She is forced through some pretty awful experiences at the compound and i will admit to shedding more than a few tears at certain aspects of her experience. When she finally escapes and meets up with Clay I was almost as happy as she was. When she then opened up to Clay about her emotions (something she admits she never does) i got all teary again. This is not the same Elena we first met at the beginning of Bitten.

Armstrong's writing is amazing, her world fits seamlessly into our real life and it gives you that 'well it could happen' kind of feeling. This is a series not to be missed.

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