Saturday, 31 May 2014

Dark Soul Review

Dark Soul (Half-blood Princess, #4)Dark Soul by Magen McMinimy

Life has never been so complicated for half vampire/ half witch, Sophia Daletsky, as she and Sage try to understand and control Ashlyn and Andre while they grow into untold powers at an alarming rate. Sophia, Sage, the guardians, along with Rachel, Sarah, Adelaide and the Coven of the Sun seek refuge in one of Cain’s many fortresses as they recover from Zillah’s attack and fight to protect one another.

Follow Sage and Sophia as they try to find a balance between being new parents to prophesied twins, dealing with friends, the appearance of an old enemy, the war ahead and an unnatural distance that has formed between the two lovers.

Claire's Review 5 of 5 Stars

Out of the 4 Half blood books I think this was my favourite, although It would be what it is without the first 3. The prophecy comes to a head when the group are finally faced with defeating Zillah. I felt this was rather skimmed over and would have loved to have seen it expanded more, as the books have been leading to this moment which to finished rather abruptly, however this didn't effect my enjoyment of the book.

I felt very upset over what happened with Sarah and Tavian and with Sarah leaving, although she was scared and had good reason to be, I felt she didn't give Tavian a chance, and after the history of the pair I felt that was upsetting, and I'm hoping in future instalments that will be addressed as I loved them as a couple.

Loving this series and cannot put the book downs! Looking forward to reading more :)

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