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Psychos: A White Girls Problems Book review

Psychos: A White Girl Problems Book
Psychos: A White Girls Problems by Babe Walker

If you're one of the hundreds of thousands who devoured Babe Walkers New York Times bestselling novel White Girl Problems or one of the million people who read her blog or follow her on Twitter daily, then you've obviously been waiting with bated breath for her hilarious follow-up novel, Psychos.

Fresh from a four-month stint in rehab for her alleged shopping addiction, Babe Walker returns home to Bel Air ten pounds lighter (thanks to a stomach virus), having made amends (she told a counselor with bad skin she was smart) and confronted her past (after meeting her birth mother for the first time a fashion model turned farmer lesbian). Although delighted to be home and determined to maintain her hard-won inner peace, Babe now faces a host of outside forces seemingly intent on derailing her path to positive change. Not only is she being trailed by an anonymous stalker, but she's also reunited with the love of her life, a relationship that she cannot seem to stop self-sabotaging.

Babes newfound spirituality, coupled with her faith in the universe and its messages, leads her all over the world: shoulder dancing in Paris, tripping out in Amsterdam, and hooking up in the Mediterranean, only to land her back in New York City, forced to choose between a man who is perfect in every way (except for one small detail) and a man who could be The One if only he didnt drive Babe to utter insanity.

Unapologetic and uproarious, Psychos is the send-up of the season already as timeless as vintage Dior.

Lisa's Review - 2.5 out of 5 stars

I requested a copy of this from Netgalley as I thought it sounded really funny and a lot more light hearted than some books I have read recently. It wasn't until I started that I realised that this is the second of the White Girls Problems books, and haven't read the first one.

I think that not having read the first book might have caused me some issues when it came to 'getting' Babe. Right from the off, I really didn't like her. A rich girl who lives off daddy's money, she lives a life of luxury in LA, jet sets around the world on a minutes notice, and can have anything and everything she wants. She is your stereotypical 'it' girl.
The book starts with Babe leaving rehab after a stint for shopping addiction. She thinks she has done really well, but really she blagged her way through. Once back into the real world, she finds her friends struggle with the 'new' Babe, and soon finds she has a crazy stalker.  This then leads to Babe running off all over the world in a bid to escape her stalker, and on the way, try and work out which man is the love of her life, while trying to work out a way to stop her psycho alter ego, Babette, from ruining her life.

There were some hilarious moments peppered throughout this book that had me laughing out loud, but I really struggled to connect with Babe. there wasn't one likeable quality about her that made her endearing, she just grated on my nerves and, maybe I'm getting old!, but she was incredibly annoying. Between that and a stalker storyline that was insanely obvious from the first line but was then dragged out all the way to the end, the only thing that kept me reading was the funny stuff peppered throughout the pages.


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