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The Holiday Home Review

The Holiday Home
The Holiday Home by Fern Britton
Two sisters, one house, a lifetime of secrets.

Set on a Cornish cliff, Atlantic House has been the jewel in the Carew family crown for centuries. Each year, the Carew sisters embark on the yearly trip down to Cornwall for the summer holidays, but they are as different and vinegar and honey.

Prudence, hard-nosed businesswoman and married to the meek and mild Francis, is about to get a shock reminder that you should never take anything for granted.

Constance, homemaker and loving wife to philandering husband Greg, has always been out-manoeuvred by her manipulative sibling. But now that Pru wants to get her hands on Atlantic House, Connie is not about to take things lying down.

When an old face reappears on the scene, years of simmering resentments reach boiling point. But little do the women know that a long-buried secret is about to bite them all on the bottom. Can Constance and Pru put their feuding aside for the sake of everyone else, or will this family holiday push them all over the edge?

Lisa's Review - 4 out of 5 stars

I was sent a copy of The Holiday Home to review by Harper Collins. I haven't read any of Fern Brittons previous books, so I was intrigued to see what a book written by such a big TV personality would be like.
I have to say I was quite impressed by her writing style. Easy to read, but engaging and filled with larger than life characters, this is the perfect book to take away and read on a sunny beach somewhere.
Pru and Connie are sisters, brought up in a family with wealth. It is obvious from the start these are two quite spoilt girls, and it carries on into adulthood. Every year, they holiday in the family holiday home, Atlantic House, a place that seems to bring out the worst in the sisters. This latest holiday is filled with arguments, secrets, infidelity, and lies.
I enjoyed reading The Holiday Home, even though the two sisters were not my favourite characters throughout most of the book. There were lots of storylines entwined into one that kept the book interesting every page. There were a lot of twists and turns, especially towards the end, which led to some drastic events happening in the lives of the sisters.
The only thing that knocked the fifth star off this book for me was how fast the ending happened. There were so many dramatic events that happened in such a short amount of space that could have been goven much more detail to give the ending more of an 'oomph' but I felt it was rushed through and led to an almost weak ending that could have been a lot better.


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