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Wings of Vengeance Review

Wings of Vengeance
Wings of Vengeance by Kylie Price


Destinies will collide and romance will bloom...Lara is a human whose soul has been reanimated by Mathias. Her new life is driven by two things only: revenge and sorrow. And it requires her to fight in a war that has been raging for more than two millennia. After serving her purpose, Mathias will have to take back the life that he has given her.
Rollan, one of Mathias's first creations, has fallen deeply in love with Lara. He is determined to keep Lara from leaving and convince her to begin a life with him. Rollan will soon find himself fighting not just for Lara's love but for her very survival.
Will his love for her prevail? Or will Lara pursue her quest and soar off with her Wings of Vengeance? Discover the answer in a spellbinding tale suffused with magic and suspense, romance and passion.

Lisa's Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Lara is a Death Stalker, living a second life chasing down Spawns (vampires) but also spurred on by revenge. As a human, Lara was brutally murdered, and she wants nothing but to find the monsters responsible, and end their lives. Once that is done, she can then end her own existence once and for all. But what Lara doesn't account for is Rollan falling in love with her, and her eventually falling for him too. And Rollan will try anything to stop Lara ending her life and to stay with him and their brothers and sisters.
Wings of Vengeance was a brilliant story that I wasn't expecting. I loved Lara - a strong feisty woman who is battling with dealing with a horrific past and being brought back by Mathias and dealing with everything that came with it, and all she is hell bent on doing is getting her revenge, but watching her blossoming romance with Rollan that Lara didn't see coming was brilliant.
There are some terrific characters throughout the book, and they were all really well written by Kylie Price. There are lots of lovely, sweet moments, and some really horrific scenes, but Kylie's writing style made the whole book flow really well, as well as some terrific twists and turns.
The ending was brilliant, and a really great way to end the book for Lara.



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