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Author Promo: Maggie Kaye

The winner of this weeks Pimp Your Street Team is
Maggie Kaye

When Maggie Kaye was in college, she and a friend attempted to write their first romance book. They actually never reached the writing part. Mostly, they lay in the sun, brainstormed, laughed, and snacked, typical behavior for young college students with short attention spans.
Maggie went on to earn a teaching credential in special education and a career in teaching. Although they never completed that first book, the desire to tell stories remained with her. Eventually, she took out a writing pen or in her case a notebook computer her hero (husband) bought her to pursue her dreams and wrote the end.

Today, Maggie lives in the Southern California with her husband, two children, and two cats that sometimes share the keyboard with her. She enjoys writing stories with plenty of heart, humor and a bit of steaminess.

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So Right With You

So Right With YouBook 1 of The Girlfriend Series – Chloe’s Book In the work place, we all know there are boundaries. One of those boundaries is Never Date Your Boss, especially if he is a playboy and you just had your heart broken. When Chloe Lambert finds herself down on her luck, none other than her hunky CEO boss, Garrett Nolan, steps in to rescue her, offering her temporary shelter at his ranch. Now, her boss is looking more appealing, and her friends can’t agree on whether she should sleep with him or not. Don’t even mention the fact she just learned he has a soft spot for kids and is using the ranch to help sick kids. What is a girl to do when it feels so right?


Garrett arrived home. It was almost ten o’clock. Her car was outside but the house was quiet. He wondered where she was. He’d missed her. After taking Patches out for the last time that night, he went upstairs to shower. It had been a long day and he wanted to relax. Heading down the hallway with Patches at his heels, the distinct sounds of water running reached him. It was coming from the direction of his master bath. He quickened his pace. Reaching the bedroom, he looked at Patches, who had followed. “Sorry, boy, not tonight.” He closed the door between them.

She was home and in his shower. When he reached the bathroom, he could see her behind the glass doors. Stripping his own clothes quickly, he grabbed the knob to join her. Opening the shower door, surprised elation and desire swept through him.

Chloe was holding her breasts with one hand while touching herself with the other hand, obviously bringing herself to completion. The sight of finding her pleasing herself made him grow hard instantly.
Startled at the sound of the door opening, she dropped her hands, self-conscious at having Garrett find her in a private moment.

She couldn’t say what had prompted her to use Garrett’s bathroom, other than that she had been missing him. The woodsy, evergreen smell mixed with a scent that was solely Garrett to permeate his room. The next thing she had known, she was in his shower, using his products and fantasizing about him, which had led to Garrett walking in on one of her more embarrassing moments.

“Don’t stop,” Garrett said in a husky voice.

“I can’t.” She blushed.

“Please, for me?” His eyes pleaded. “You look so beautiful.” He reached into a drawer in the vanity and retrieved a condom. Coming into the shower, he pulled the door shut behind him.

Chloe trembled with nervousness at the thought of what he was asking of her. She had never satisfied herself in front of a lover before, not that she’d had that many, only Trevor and now Garrett. She released a nervous breath. She wasn’t sure she could go through with it. Looking into his eyes, which were smoldering with desire, she felt compelled to try.

Hesitantly, she reached back up to touch her breasts and stopped. Her nerves got the better of her. “I don’t think I can.”

Setting the condom down on the shelf, Garrett took her other hand and placed it over her mound. His gaze held hers while he began to move her hand through her folds with his hand on top. Realizing she had been holding her breath, she released it. It came out breathy. The water continued to pummel against them, making the sensations even more intense.

With Garrett directing her hand, her orgasm remained just out of reach. Taking control, she moved it to where her greatest need lay. “Here.”

“There, baby. Go ahead,” Garrett said, encouraging her to explore her own sexuality.

As she began to touch herself more deeply, Garrett released her hand and reached for the condom. She whimpered as she neared her completion.

She had no idea how powerful her own seduction could be. His body surged with a feral desire for her.

Her body arched as she neared an orgasm. He leaned forward, ready to take her when she came. At the pivotal moment, Garrett reached for her and kissed her hard on the mouth. Her mouth opened under the pleasure, and his tongue swept inside, connecting with hers. She moaned. When he was ready, he pulled back and roamed down her body, raining kisses on it as he went. Taking a nipple into his mouth, he sucked on it, bit it, and sucked on it again. He reached his hands down to grip her ass and lifted her onto his hard-on. She wrapped her legs around him. He thrust into her and she bowed back. He wedged her between his body and the hard tile. He eased out all the way and pushed in again.

“Oh, God! It feels so good.”

“I know, sweetheart.”

She moaned as he gripped her ass tighter and sank deeper into her. He thrust repeatedly, bringing them both to a fever pitch.

Reaching between their bodies, he massaged her clit until she rocketed over into an orgasm. He thrust into her a few more times until he exploded in his own release. He held her a moment, then slowly pulled out. She unwrapped her legs from around his body and slid them down until her feet reached the floor. He kissed her lips softly.


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