Monday, 22 September 2014

ARC review: Sweet Occasions by Linn B Halton

Sweet Occasions
Katie’s relationship has had more than its fair share of problems. After a difficult few years things begin to pick up and Katie finally realises her dream of opening up a bakery. Sweet Occasions specialises in novelty and celebration cakes, plus the most inspiring range of cupcakes anyone could possibly ask for!
Utilising her passion and skill helps to inject happiness back into her life, but it’s short-lived as things begin to fall apart. The reality is that you need to run a business with your heart AND your head. Help is at hand in the shape of her partner, Steve. He has the necessary experience, but does Katie want to tie herself to him financially, as well as personally?
Then one rainy, wintry day a bedraggled customer steps inside the door to order a cake …
Sometimes a turning point centres around one single moment in time: sometimes it takes two Christmases and three birthdays …
A heart-warming story that deals with many of life's most difficult issues: being a single dad when a relationship falls apart, the impact of life-changing illness, dealing with the loss of a loved one ... and the search for a soul mate.

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars

I am at a loss for words. Everything I type contains a spoiler, or is on the verge of a spoiler. And I hate leaving spoilers.

Sweet Occasions was so different from other romance books I have read lately. It was not a sudden outpouring of attraction between the main characters. It was more like two people who realise their life isn't quite what they want it to be and making small steps to fix it...
I loved the way Halton played the story out over two and a half years. I know some people would grown and accuse her of dragging it out, but I loved it. The relationship between Katie and Adam had a way to develop that felt natural. There was no feeling that the story had been rushed, or that feelings had suddenly grown out of nothing. Instead what we got were sweet meetings that allowed the characters to reveal a little about themselves whilst learning a little about the other.

This was such an enjoyable read, I was able to slip between the pages and lose myself entirely in the story. This was the first book by Halton that I have read and I am keen to read more of her work.

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  1. Waves and thank you Shona for such a lovely and thoughtful review! You were the first review for Sweet Occasions and I must admit I always hold my breath until the arc reviews come out. I know you read so many books, across a wide range of genres, so I'm beyond thrilled you enjoyed it. Whilst Sweet Occasions might sound like a cookie-cutter, chick lit story, it tackles some very real, emotional issues. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review it, much appreciated! Lxx

    1. It was my pleasure Linn, I truly loved it. Thank you

  2. Love, love, love this review! I can't wait to read the book now more than ever!

    Mandy :)

    1. Definitely one not to be missed Mandy.

    2. Ah, ladies, thank you both. Really wish I could share the fabulous cupcakes I have in the kitchen with you both ... well, I'm home alone and a girl has to celebrate! Lx