Saturday, 6 September 2014

Review: The Training of Kate (Journey into Submission 1) by Khul Waters

Fighting a despair that is eroding her will to live, Kate flees to another city. There, she desperately seeks the answers she needs to restore her former life of sensuality and her joy in her submissiveness. She is drawn into the eye of an emotional storm when she meets an intriguing man online. Miles is everything she had searched for in a Master, but nothing that perfect could be so simple…

Clare's Review 4/5 Stars!

This was another sub/dom based story but with a very original storyline. Kate is lonely and turns to the internet for comfort where she meets a man who seems perfect for her. The story shows Kate's growth as a person and how she has developed since her first sub/dom relationship. It is a very erotic story with a lot of passion and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Looking forward to reading book 2!!

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