Sunday, 14 September 2014

Review: Unleashed by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

Unleashed (Wolf Springs Chronicles, #1)
Katelyn McBride’s life changed in an instant when her mother died. Uprooted from her California home, Katelyn was shipped to the middle of nowhere, Arkansas, to her only living relative, her grandfather. And now she has to start over in Wolf Springs, a tiny village in the Ozark Mountains. Like any small town, Wolf Springs has secrets. But the secrets hidden here are more sinister than Katelyn could ever imagine. It’s a town with a history that reaches back centuries, spans continents, and conceals terrifying truths. And Katelyn McBride is about to change everything. Broken families, ageless grudges, forced alliances, and love that blooms in the darkest night—welcome to Wolf Springs.

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars

Why did I pick up this book? The cover called to me, that and I recognised Nancy Holders name on the front cover. A quick scan of the blurb and I was sold.. or at least the book was. I had no intention of reading it straight away, I had actually started reading a different book but I had a quick scan of the first few pages and before I knew it I was over 100 pages in. 

From start to finish this book had hold of me and wouldn't give me back. I needed to finish reading this. Yes there were aspects of the story that I found predictable, but I personally didn't feel like it ruined my enjoyment and there's a few other things that I think I know but I guess I'll have to wait until the next book in the series to find out. Speaking of which... if anyone would like to buy it for me I AM accepting donations.

There was no part of this book that I found lacking. The story unfolded at a nice pace and while we learned about Wolf Springs and the people who lived there, and found out about the wolves etc there was no info dump. We were sometimes kept in the dark as to what was going on, but then so was Katelyn and we learned things whilst she learned, but that just added to the mystery of the story.

Although I recognised Holder's name, I actually had her confused with a different author so I didn't realise at the time that I had read some of her previous work (in the form of her Buffy the Vampire Slayer books), in fact I was about half way through Unleashed before I realised, and I've never read anything by Viguie before, so I started this book with no preconceptions. Their writing is seamless and its impossible for the reader to see where one author stops and another begins. I am keen to read the rest of this series, but I will also be looking out for some of their other work too.

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