Thursday 26 February 2015

Immortal Awakening Review

Immortal AwakeningImmortal Awakening by Magen McMinimy

Sometimes, a single choice can bring Hell to your door. The consequences of Makyle's decisions have reached beyond the Underworld to touch the one woman he's always vowed to protect. With just a drop of his blood, Samira has found herself linked to the Immortal Ruler. When Makyle starts haunting her dreams and the physical manifestation of his torture reaches out to nearly cripple her, she calls the only person she believes can help-Uriah. Once in the Light Lands, Samira finds herself thrust into the lives of the warriors as they gear up to save one of their own. However, a trip to the Underworld brings unseen danger as Samira's past comes to light, the Dark Fae seize opportunities to further their agenda, and the remaining Immortal Four look to take back what is theirs. Follow the warriors as they fight for family, love, and loyalty in the fifth installment of the Immortal Heart Series.

Claire's Review 5 of 5 Stars

Every Immortal Heart book I read, the more and more I sink into the world of the fae and the more I am dreading it ending. You Cannot help but fall in love with these characters!

Book 5 is centered on Makyle and Samira, who as usual are the perfect pairing for once another. As in normal style Magen takes you on a great journey and I cant wait to see where she takes us in book 6!

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