Friday 13 February 2015

The Legends and Dreams Bundle

That Annual Day of Romance is soon upon us and my advice? Show yourself a little love by buying a bouquet of BOOKS! Well, technically, it's called a Bundle, but I think "bouquet" works just as well. I know I'd much rather get books than flowers any day of the week, especially on Valentines.
So, here's how it works. Right now, GHOST HAND, the first book of The PSS Chronicles, is selling in the Legends and Dreams book bundle on WeBundleIt HERE featuring 8 AMAZING books, including multiple-best-selling authors Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson!

  Legends Bundle  

And the way book Bundling works is pretty cool.
First, YOU get to set YOUR OWN PRICE for the Bundle (minimum of $3, but you can see that is a steal). If you pay under $13 you get 5 books, and if you pay over $13 you unlock three more books for a total of 8! That's a lot of new authors to explore and enjoy.
Second, you get the NEW, REDESIGNED for 2015 cover of GHOST HAND.
Third, 10% of all proceeds GO TO THE CHARITY "Stories for Students" which focuses on providing free books for kids in K-12 classrooms.
So, why not give yourself some bookish love, support some great authors, and give to charity? I can't think of a more romantic thing to do. Can you?

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