Wednesday 25 March 2015

Review: Revive by Claire Thake

Revive (The Revival Series #1)
Carrie had a wonderful life, a loving husband and her future all planned out, until a terrible accident changed her life. To hide away from all her pain and loss she pushed everyone away and threw herself into her career. That was until she received some news that would change her life once again.
Can Carrie accept the past and change her future for the better?

Clare's Review 5/5 Stars

This novel starts out with a tragedy, and in my opinion it can be difficult for an author to follow this through, but Claire had no issues with that!
From the beginning I was hooked and found it difficult to put down. A beautiful and emotional story following Carrie who is rebuilding her life though both loss and love. I found myself crying and smiling in different places and really feeling the emotion that the author is trying to put across.
A definite recommended read for anybody who wants a book that will pull you in until the very end. Looking forward to the follow up to this wonderful debut novel.

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