Thursday 14 May 2015

Embracing Death by DT DYllin

Embracing Death (The Death Trilogy #2)
Samantha’s memories have returned to her. But instead of bringing her peace, they’ve brought her only more turmoil. She now recalls the dark addiction to feeling other people’s deaths, and every day is a struggle to control her urges. At least she has Austin to help her…or does she? Even with her memories, Samantha doesn’t know the truth of her past. And her secrets may prove detrimental to everyone she loves. Can she unravel the mystery of who’s been pulling her strings before it’s too late? Or will Austin be the one to suffer from her mistakes.

Claire's Review 5 of 5 Stars

With this trilogy you really need to concentrate the entire way through or you will end up confused and lost! There is so much going on, that it keeps your mind buzzing the entire way through, with plenty WTF moments thrown in as well.

This is a hard review to put into words, I could not put the book down and I love stepping into the mind of Sam and her love for Austin. This book completely messes with your head, but at the same time draws you in so much! I cannot wait to sink my teeth into book 3!

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