Saturday 13 June 2015

Author Spotlight: Teresa Gabelman

The winner of this week's pimp your street team is Teresa Gabelman!!

Teresa lives in Bethel, Ohio with her husband, son, their dog Cin and her son's snake, Steve Irwin. She is a third degree black belt in Taekwondo, is a huge Mixed Martial Arts
fan and follows her husbands MMA fight team, G-Force, which her son
fights for. When not writing she is either screaming like a crazy woman
at MMA fights or reading in some quiet corner with her Kindle. She loves
books that are fast reads filled with romance, humor, sexy alpha men
and the women who drive them crazy.

Damon (The Protectors book 1)

Damon DeMasters is a vampire warrior who has taken an oath to not only
protect his own kind, but humans as well. Crimson Rush is the new drug
and it’s their duty to find who is behind the selling of vampire blood
and stop it. As a social worker, Nicole Callahan fights for the right
of every child placed in her care. There’s a war now as vampires have
stepped out into the spotlight taking their place in society and the
children are at the heart of it all. Damon and his fellow warriors have
been ordered by the Vampire Council to train Nicole and her colleagues
against the dangers they now face in their new world. Even as sparks fly
and tensions mount, Nicole and Damon depend on each other to protect
the children of both races - by USA TODAY Best Selling Author Teresa Gabelman

Jared (The Protectors book 2)

The VC Warriors are an elite groupof vampire who protect innocents, whether human or those of their own race. Jared Kincaid, along with other Warriors, are shocked when a fieryred head with a gun and attitude, bring news of young teens being turned into an army of half-breed vampires capable of taking out all VC
Warriors. Breaking into the famed VC Warriors compound was
definitely not the smartest thing Tessa Pride has ever done, but she
will do anything for her brother, Adam. The Warriors held the one person
she knew was responsible for her brother being turned into a half-breed
and nothing will stop her from getting what she needs to help her
brother, not even a Warrior whose eyes could make her melt with one
look. Jared and Tessa join forces in a desperate scramble to find
who is responsible. With a war between Warriors and half-breeds
brewing, suspicions of traitors in their midst put the lives of everyone
involved on the line - by USA Today Best Selling Author Teresa Gabelman

Duncan (The Protectors book 3)

Leader of the VC Warriors Cincinnati branch, Duncan Roark, has devoted his long life to the Warriors he calls brothers and the Vampire Council, protecting innocents of both the vampire and human race. Things change suddenly when it is ordered that he and his fellow Warriors train human Social Workers to protect themselves in their new world of vampires. Falling in love with a human was something Duncan never thought possible, but love her he did. Now instead of being the ruthless leader he was trained to be, his focus has turned to finding the woman he loved and let go. 
Pam Braxton is outgoing and loves her job working with children, but when she realizes her live in boyfriend, Kenny Lawrence, has been using her and her job for his illegal activities, she becomes withdrawn, and her world is turned upside down. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she stays, trying to learn more of his betrayal so she could see him punished. That decision sucks her deeper into a relationship that has turned dangerous and abusive. Overhearing a plot that would put everyone she cares about at risk, she finds the courage to try to stop the monster who has threatened her friends and the man she truly loves. Now Pam is on the run, alone and with a secret that could change the already unbalanced world of vampires and humans. 
As Duncan searches for Pam, the threat of losing his leadership role has the other Warriors worried, but their loyalty for Duncan is strong and they stand behind him. Duncan’s search is relentless; he knows he is not the only one looking for Pam. Even with his responsibilities slipping, he puts it all on the line to find the only woman he has ever loved. In a race against time, Duncan fights to find Pam before her past catches up to her. The Warrior’s path is clear: Find the woman he loves before the past finds her first.

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