Friday, 16 October 2015

Book Recommendations

Every month we bring you our recommendation... the books that we loved more than all the others we read, the one that we would without a doubt recommend to everyone.. 

Shona recommends Twilight Life and Death by Stephenie Meyer

"Because it felt like i got to read one of my favourite books again for the very first time."

Clare recommends 17 Marigold Lane by RM Gilmore

"It's not typical, it had lots of mystery and suspense, kept me thinking and guessing and going Oh wow all the way through!! Recommend for anyone looking for something different, and RM Gilmore approached a subject that people hardly ever mention, really interesting and kept me gripped!!!"

Claire recommends Crow Mountain by Lucy Inglis

"I loved this book, it kept me hooked the whole way through and physically made me cry big fat ugly tears!"

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