Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Review: Love Conquers All by H.T Night

Love Conquers All (Vampire Love Story, #8)
Fighting is what Josiah Reign does best, especially when Tommy the werewolf is his right-hand man. Josiah will fight for true love, for his ideals, and for the survival of his people. But sometimes, fighting is futile…
After Josiah goes against the will of the Triat to save his son, Jason, from Brock, the megalomaniac leader of the Mani, he learns there will be dire consequences for his noble actions.
And, as Josiah discovers the startling truth of his own existence, a terrifying destiny is set in motion, one that he doesn’t know how to stop with a fist, a blade, or even with his brave heart.
As Brock gathers a massive army for an all-out war, Josiah scrambles for supporters, resources, and answers. When a battle royal ensues, Josiah knows there’s only one way to save them all. It’s the most unconventional tactical idea, ever. It’s also the only way to save all whom he loves and holds dear.
More than just the legacy of his sons is at stake. In a world where Josiah Reign must keep his friends close, and perhaps, keep his enemies closer, can love really conquer all of the evil in the world—before it’s too late for every paranormal species on earth?

Clare's Review 5 of 5 Stars

As a long time fan of H T Night I have been waiting for this book for some time and was very excited to receive it!
The final chapter in the Vampire Love Story Josiah Reign has to save his son and prepare for war, all while maintaining peace within his own ranks.Josiah will fight to protect the people he loves, knowing he may die in the process, and I was nervous to see what might happen at the end of the story. With is wife, sons and best friend Tommy will he save the world from the megalomaniac leader of the Mani Brock? This story was as beautifully written as the previous chapters and kept me hooked throughout. I find HT Night to be a brilliant storyteller, he is also romantic and this shows throughout the story. The bonds between his characters is one that many people wish they had in this world and each character is depicted in his own unique way. I finished this story in a few hours because I just couldn't put it down, and I cried shamelessly when it finished. A wonderful ending to on one of the best written series I have ever read.

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