Thursday, 17 March 2016

Eleanor Review

EleanorEleanor by Jason Gurley

1962, Anchor Bend, Oregon.
The sea calls to Eleanor. Like the turn of the waves it beckons her from the heart of the town she’s always known, from her husband Hob and their young daughter, Agnes, to the unfathomable depths of the ocean.
Agnes’s daughter Eleanor is six years old. She shares her name with the grandmother she never knew and everything else with her identical twin, Esmerelda. But to Agnes, only Eleanor is a constant reminder of the past.
After a dark event leaves her family in tatters, Eleanor, now fourteen, is left caring for her alcoholic mother, whose grief has torn her apart. But when Eleanor’s reality begins to unravel, she starts to lose her grip on time itself, slipping from the present into strange other lands where she’s in danger of losing herself altogether.
Eleanor is the story of choices that ripple through time far beyond the moment they’re made. And what happens when, just sometimes, bonds are so powerful they reach beyond this world and into another…

Claire's Review 4 of 5 Stars

This book was nothing like I imagined from the synopsis and is a story that I think will replay a lot in my head!

This book is about Eleanor, a young girl who loses her twin sister and the impact that events have on the whole family. The story is incredibly well written, which make it really pull at the heart strings. I would love to give this more stars, but I did find things confusing at times.

A very good book, but very hard to put into words...must be read!