Thursday, 14 April 2016

Review: Chasing Hope by Amy Daws

Chasing Hope (Chasing Memoir, #1)
At 33 weeks pregnant, Amy is certain something bad will soon happen, as it had too many times before. Deep down she fears it’s only a matter of time before the baby she’s carrying will die. Despite the fact that Amy had been repeatedly slapped in the face with multiple miscarriages, she still can’t seem to quiet that tiny voice in the back of her head that’s screaming at her to not give up hope.
Follow Amy’s true story as she stumbles through her journey with humor and warmth, all while dealing with the neuroses that came along with getting her hopes shattered time and time again. All she has to do is close her eyes and she’s lurched back to the memories of her losses; on the floor in her bathroom, in the hospital, and even at her place of work. No one knows what the internal mind of a woman who’d lost five babies and suffered so many let downs goes through.
Can Hope ever truly survive memories such as these?

Claire's Review 5 of 5 Stars!

Its a very rare occurrence when a book actually makes me have to stop and sit down to process everything in my head. Chasing Hope brought out so many different emotions and completely floored me!
When I found out that this was a true story I was a little apprehensive. As a mother of three girls, I have luckily never had to go through anything remotely similar, however, the heart-wrenching story of Amy's struggles, really made me realise how lucky I truly am, and how grateful I am for my girls.

This story is so raw and honest, that you really feel as if you are there experiencing it with Amy. Everything she went through, I found myself in bits multiple times and honestly I wondered at times if I could carry on with the story. I needed to finish though, not to get to the end of the story but because I felt I needed to for Amy, who has written such an honest account of everything she went through, and I respect her so much for being able to share it all. What Amy and Kevin went through, I wouldn't want anyone to ever have to go through.

Amy went through such a hard journey and she is such an incredibly brave woman, to not only go through it once but to relive it through telling the story, and sharing it. This is truly the hardest review I have ever had to write as I don't think anything I can say would do this story justice.

I will be attending a signing in June were Amy is an attending author and I cannot wait to meet her!

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