Friday 8 July 2016

Book Recommendations

The following recommendations are based on our favourite books from this last month. Books that we have read and would recommend.

Shona recommends
Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan
Shona recommends this book because for her d├ębut novel Callaghan has pulled out all the stops in this psychological suspense that will keep you turning the pages til the very end.

Claire recommends
Melody Bittersweet And The Girls' Ghostbusting Agency
by Kitty French
Amazon UK
I really cannot recommend this book enough! The writing is amazing and flows so effortlessly, and the story is hillarious and witty! This book was just the type of book I needed to help pull me out of a reading slump.

Kerry Recommends
Dane by Liliana Hart
Amazon UK
Kerry recommends this book as it is the first book in the series and it is HOT.  This book introduces us all to the Mackenzie brothers and man I can't wait to meet the rest 

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