Monday, 18 July 2016

Review: A Broken Us by Amy Daws

A Broken Us (London Lovers, #2)A Broken Us by Amy Daws

The moment those words come out of the doctor’s mouth, I feel sick.
So sick.
The life I have dreamed of…obliterated.
And Brody.
God, Brody.
How will he look at me?
How can he accept me?
He'll know what I hid from him.
He'll know everything.
It’s over. It’s completely over. I can't tell him "I love Us" anymore.
Even though I do.
Even though it will kill me.
I can't tell him anything. Everything is ruined. Pummeled. Broken.
I have to leave him. I have to give up us.
I know he'll come after me.
I just have to do something to make him not want to.

Claire's Review 5 of 5 Stars

This is the first London Lovers book I have read and it definitely won't be my last!

Finley!, oh how I loved her character! She was dealt such a rough hand in life, and instead of facing it head on with Brody, she decided to travel to London and to start over by staying with her friend Leslie.

This story will break your heart but it was so worth every minute of it! it has brought out so many different emotions in me that I am truly struggling with how to put this review into words.

I must also add how much I loved Frank and Leslie! They added a much-needed bit of humor to the story! It would be great to see them as the main characters in a book of their own in the future. I would have also loved to have seen more backstory where Finley's sister was concerned to help with the emotions of what happens.

This is a much read and I cannot wait to dive into more books by Amy Daws!

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