Thursday, 4 August 2016

Review: Daring the Bad Boy by Heidi Rice

Daring the Bad Boy
What happens on Valentine’s Night, stays on Valentine’s Night… That’s the rule.
After a trip home to bury his father, US photographer in London Caleb Landry finds himself stranded in a Soho bar full of boozy women brooding his way through his least favourite night of the year.
But when college art teacher Rosie Smith tries out the cheesiest pick-up line ever on him, Cal becomes captivated by this good girl with a filthy mind – especially when he discovers she has a V-Day allergy of her own. So he dares her to one smokin’ hot Valentine’s night hook-up with no questions asked, satisfaction guaranteed…
But when Valentine’s Night turns into the morning after, suddenly Rosie’s asking questions she shouldn’t, and putting Cal in danger of breaking his number one rule.

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars 

Wow! For a short novel this really packs a punch. From the very first page I was drawn into Rosies world and I was hooked until the very last page, devouring this book in just one sitting.

Rice has packed so much in to this book that its hard to believe it's a novella rather than a full novel. We have  fully fleshed out characters with issues that we can all relate to, steamy sex scenes aplenty for those of us who like that kind of thing, and chemistry so hot you can almost feel it coming off the pages. 

This is the first book by Heidi Rice that I have read, but if they are all this captivating then it most definitely wont be my last,