Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Review: Pursuing Carrie by Jenn Hype

Carrie is plain, quiet and doesn’t really give a shit what people think. Her priorities in life have absolutely nothing to do with dating or relationships. Quite the opposite, in fact, seeing as how a relationship is the absolute last thing she wants. Ever.

Joe is charming and charismatic, but the only thing he’s ever worked hard at in his adult life is his job. Outside of being a cop, he’s only interested in things that come easily, and that includes women. He gives the women he sleeps with respect, affection, and mind blowing orgasms - but that’s all he gives.

After being brought together by a mutual friend, Stacy, Joe and Carrie don’t exactly hit it off. They are the exact opposite of what the other looks for in a lover, yet they can’t fight the growing attraction that blossoms between them.

Under the pretense of wanting to be friends for the sake of Stacy, Joe sets out to win Carrie over, but his normal charms don’t work on her. And the more he tries to win her friendship, the more he realizes that friendship is not at all what he really wants.

Carrie’s willpower is strong, but it’s no match for Joe’s persistence, and despite her reluctance, Carrie finds herself falling for Joe in a way that she’s sure will cause irreparable damage in the end. Because nothing good ever comes out of hooking up with someone you care about, and why should this time be the exception?

Tainted pasts, crazy ex-lovers and flying dildos notwithstanding, Carrie and Joe find themselves venturing into unknown territory. It’s not easy, but it’s hot as hell, and luckily they are both too stubborn to give up easily on something that feels a lot more real than a short fling.

**Can be read as a standalone, but backstory and character development from the first two books of the series may make this read more enjoyable.**

Ikira's Review 4 of 5 stars

This is the third and final installment of Jenn's 'Pretending' series. As above, it can be read as a standalone book but I wouldn't recommend it. I found there was more to this story I wouldn't have fully understood if I hadn't already read the first two.

I'd thoroughly enjoyed the previous two and was looking forward to more hillarity in this one. I read it immediately after finishing book two (which I gave 5 out of 5 stars).

I don't really know why but I just didn't enjoy this one quite as much. Maybe its because I totally fell in love with Stacy (the lead in book 2) and she was a hard act to follow, maybe I should have left a bit of time between them, whatever the case, whilst this book is a really good read, it really didn't hold me in the same way as the previous two.

I honestly didn't relate to Carrie as much as I'd have liked to, especially given 'we' have similar past experiences - I found this a shame.

That said, Jenn Hype is a fabulous writer and as with the others, the story itself; whilst wild and sassy, was pretty blinking good! 

Carrie's back-story wasn't really covered very much in the previous two books but more of Joe was, so this is why I feel it necessary to read the others first. Their matching was not entirely obvious at first, but kind of inevitible given the circle of friends. 

The final few chapters did have me gripped - I needed to know what the ending would be and I did want to finish it but then, kinda wished I hadn't. 

I hope Jenn finds it in herself to write one final book - maybe based a few years in the future, showing us a slideshow of what happened next, how the lives progressed - did they all work out? did they stay close together? Were there any massive arguments between the friends? I can't imagine things would run smoothly, I just cant...

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