Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Review: Robots and Gadgets

Have you ever wondered what robots and gadgets can do? How they can build a car, explore Mars, help you paint a digital picture or even be kept as a pet? Discover the fact-packed world of technology and complete activities, puzzles, and mazes along the way. Discovery Kids Factivity Robots and Gadgets has 300 stickers to make your own robots and scenes!

Reviewed by Emily aged 7!

A big thank you to Parragon Books for sending this to us for an honest review. It arrived beautifully wrapped up like a Christmas present and my daughter Emily couldn't wait to open it!

She was very nervous doing the video opening it an didn't read the title properly and accidentally called it Robots & Guardians 🙈

Robots and Gadgets is a FACTivity book, filled with lots of activities to do with Robots and includes 300 stickers to use within the book.

Emily was very excited by this book! She loved doing all the activities and it kept her amused for days! Always going back to it at random moments throughout the day. As all kids do, she especially loved the stickers and loved finding out where they went in the book! The sticker small robot sticker sheet which was sent with the book as an extra was also a big hit!

 There was lots to read and do in the book and lots to keep children entertained for a long time, as well as being educational with the different facts about Robots and Gadgets which Emily enjoyed telling the whole family about what she had learnt.

We went away for Christmas and the book came with us, and she would sit and do the activities at the dining table which kept the boredom of the school holidays away. Despite getting lots of lovely pressies for Christmas Emily still went back to do more activities in the book which says to me its a winner!

Overall this is a fantastic book for kids and my daughter loved it! Totally would recommend it to anyone with kids around the age of 7 as I'm sure it would be a great hit to cure the boredom, especially in school holidays.

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