Thursday, 23 March 2017

Review: The Missing Husband by Amanda Brooke

The Missing HusbandThe next stunning novel from Richard and Judy pick, Amanda Brooke
When Jo pretends to be asleep as her husband leaves for work the morning after an argument, she doesn’t realise how deeply she will come to regret the opportunity to say goodbye. By nightfall, her life has changed irrevocably.
David has disappeared and there doesn’t seem to be any trace of him. But Jo is five months pregnant and her marriage is full of secrets – not least, David’s unwillingness to start a family.
As the mystery around David’s disappearance shows no sign of being solved, Jo must choose: will she give up her baby to make the man she loves come home?

Ikira's Review: 5 out of 5 stars

Wow! Oh My Goodness! The Emotions!!!!Okay, I used bold...I'm probably not supposed to but I had to!

This is the first story in a year to have me in tears. It doesn't happen to me often  but this story deserved every single tear I shed for it, for Jo, David and their beautiful baby!

Having read only one other of Ms Brooke's storys, I wasn't expecting this at all. I enjoyed the other story (A Child's Secret) and I could relate to it in many ways so it got a good 4 out of 5 stars. I was expecting similar this time but this goes beyond that for me.

I started reading and initially felt the author was a bit repetetive, using the same geographical location for the two unlinked storys but then I cut her some slack because ultimately, I'd rather she writes what she knows well than what she doesn't know - badly.

Anyway - the story follows Jo and David. They have their whole life together mapped out and then one wavers from the path leaving the other a little disorientated. David's reluctance to stick to the plan leaves Jo making a decision for both of them which ultimately causes a few cracks to appear. They love each other deeply but of course, no relationship is perfect and after a tiff, David goes missing.

The story revolves around David's disappearance - has he gone by choice or was he forced? Is he alive or dead? We follow the police investigation and the effects on Jo and the other family members. We meet Davids Mother and Brother along with Jo's parents and some friends and colleagues. All of the characters bring something to the story, another revelation, an emotional connection, a piece of the puzzle - the author has left nothing to chance and gets everything to fit together and fall into place at just the right time.

The ending is expected/unexpected and also a little somewhere in between - so perfectly penned and the final little twist...Oh My! I couldn't pick up another book for a while because I needed to let this one lie after I was done with it. I knew whatever came next would likely pale in comparison.

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