Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Review: The Pebble Jar by H.A. Robinson

The Pebble JarThe Pebble Jar by H.A. Robinson

At fifteen years old, Abigail Costa might not know much, but there are three things she's absolutely certain of:

Her grandmother, Nonna, is a superhero and she wants to be just like her one day.

The world is round and she wants to see absolutely every inch of it.

And she and Elliot Peterson will be best friends for life.

After over a decade of getting up to no good together and spending every possible moment in one another's company, it seems impossible that anything could ever change.

Enter: the new girl. With perfect blonde hair and a body to die for, she's everything Abbi never realised she wanted to be. And as she starts to notice that something isn't right with Nonna, she finds that some of her certainties aren't quite so certain anymore, and loneliness forces her to dig deep for a strength she never knew she had.

Claire's Review 4 of 5 Stars

When I started this book I hadn't read the blurb but I felt pulled to read it from just what I had heard said about it. This story is about Abigail and her long time best friend Elliot, and about how wonderful their relationship was until they fall out when Elliot starts dating the pretty girl at school, and Abbi has some problems of her own. The book is written from Abbi's point of view and I must say I loved the characters, even though it took a while for me to warm to Abbi as I felt she came across as very childish at times, and I had to keep reminding myself that she was only a child. The characters were well developed and despite not being a teen anymore myself, I can remember how it felt to be one and to go through everything that Abbi does at such a young age, I can't even imagine how strong she must have been to cope with it all.

There are a couple of reasons I cannot give this book the full five stars that it really deserves and maybe I'm being a little unfair, but I felt the ending was slightly rushed and that the HEA at the end was a bit much. I was actually really rooting for Abbi to fall for another character who is a big focus for part of the book, and I found the romance at the end to be a bit cheesy. Even if she didn't fall for the guy I was rooting for, I think for me I would have preferred there to be no romance and that maybe Elliot and the other character could have arranged the trip with Abbi as her best friends.

A very emotional and thought provoking book and I will definitely be recommending it to others, including my own daughter who I think would enjoy reading it!

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