Monday, 27 November 2017

Review: The Secret Child by Kerry Fisher

The Secret ChildJust for a moment, I was young and invincible again, back before I made the decision that changed the rest of my life…

Susie did something that she knows she will always regret: giving her baby son up for adoption, to keep her infidelity secret from her family.

Louise, Susie’s daughter, feels the effects of that decision echoing down through the years – her mother has always been difficult, too strict with her but not strict enough with her sister Grace, who is wild and out-of-control. And Danny, Susie’s husband, adores her, but has always sensed something wrong at the heart of their marriage.

When tragedy strikes the family, and a chance discovery threatens to bring the truth to light, the sisters’ relationship is put to the test as they are faced with an impossible choice…

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars

This is one of those reviews where I don't know where to begin. I've previously read Fisher's 'After The Lie' and loved it so I already had an idea of the quality of writing I should expect with this book, but Fisher has surpassed herself. This book is amazing, so utterly compelling that I could not drag myself away for more than a few moments at a time meaning I devoured Susie's story in just one sitting. 

At first its hard to understand how Susie could end up pregnant with another mans child whilst she claims to be happily married to Danny, but as her story unfolds we learn more about her situation back then including what led to her baby boys conception. And why she never told a single person. Unfortunately for Susie its a secret that haunts her for the rest of her life. She's never truly able to let go of her baby, which means shes never truly able to enjoy the life that shes currently living. 

I felt incredibly sorry for her, but also for her children. Children she did her best for, always feeling like she had to prove she was a good mum which may mean that she was stricter with Louise, trying to persuade her against following a musical career, being more relaxed with Grace because she had been so strict with Louise, but ultimately failing both of her daughters in different ways, and then feeling like the odd one out in her family. 

This story is heartbreaking, for many reasons, but in the end it's heartwarming with a reminder that there's good in the world. This is definitely going to make its way to my paperback shelf.

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