Saturday 27 January 2018

Blog Tour: Discovering the Woodsman by N.M. Brott

Discovering the Woodsman
In the beautiful and peaceable kingdom of Evgenia, it is rumored that mysterious creatures still survive long after the secrets of magic have been lost. Lady Heather Bloodstone’s headstrong nature impels her to discover whether the creatures known as Woodsmen truly exist outside of the fairy tales she adored as a child. When she meets Jasper—a handsome Woodsman with deep blue eyes, wild grass-colored hair, and a cocky smile—she is nearly overwhelmed by his kiss.

Jasper the Woodsman’s life consists of fulfilling requests from the maidens and ladies of the castle—be it for a healing potion, a kiss, or to become lovers. When the lovely Lady Heather refuses his offer of the latter, he is nevertheless intrigued by her request to become friends. A dangerous situation arises when their friendship deepens, because those who cross noble bloodlines with a commoner’s are banished from Evgenia forever.

Shona's review 4 of 5 stars

I've had a hard time reading this year and nothing seems to catch my interest and this proved to be another one of those tricky books for me. I agreed to review this book based solely on the fact it was a paranormal romance, I cant resist those books, however this was one of those few times where my head totally judged the book by its cover and then the blurb, neither of which appealed to me, and I was more than a little hesitant about actually picking it up. Once I picked it up though I found the story quite intriguing and I needed to know how lady Heather's story unfolded and I ended up finishing this book in one day.

The book starts with Lady Heather's mother reading her a fairy tale about the woodsmen when she was only 7 years old, the story then picks up again many years later when Heather should be looking at suitors to marry. Its after her friend the Princess overhears two women talking about the woodmans that Heather remembers the stories her mother read to her and she set out to meet one so that she may tell the Princess all about it as the Princess is unable to go in search of him herself. There are a few points in the book that are a little predictable, but it doesn't take away from the overall enjoyment of the story. And although I may have been a little hesitant at picking this book up to read, I now find myself  keen to read the rest of the books in this trilogy.

Although this book was pitched as a young adult, I'd say perhaps aimed for older teens 16+, there is quite descriptive sex scenes, although the language used to describe is more poetic and flowery than you would find in your standard (new) adult books.

Author bio

 After reading Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, back in 1994, Nina had the notion that her dreams could turn into interesting stories if she wrote them down. So she did. Her wish is for readers to find these stories as entertaining to read as they were for her to write.
When she’s not expanding her dreams into stories, Nina spends time with her husband of 27 years (when he’s home from work), their two children (when they’re home from college), and their two rescue dogs (when they’re not sleeping).

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