Wednesday 2 May 2018

Blog Tour: Nineteen Letters by Jodi Perry

Nineteen LettersBraxton

Nineteen. There’s something about that number; it not only brought us together, bonding us forever, it also played a hand in tearing us apart.

The nineteenth of January 1996. I’ll never forget it. It was the day we met. I was seven and she was six. It was the day she moved in next door, and the day I developed my first crush on a girl.

Exactly nineteen years later, all my dreams came true when she became my wife. She was the love of my life. My soul mate. My everything. The reason I looked forward to waking up every morning.

Then tragedy struck. Nineteen days after we married, she was in an accident that would change our lives forever. When she woke from her coma, she had no memory of me, of us, of the love we shared.

I was crushed. She was my air, and without her I couldn’t breathe.

The sparkle that once glistened her eyes when she looked at me was gone. To her, now, I was a stranger. I had not only lost my wife, I had lost my best friend.

But I refused to let this tragedy be the end of us. That’s when I started to write her letters, stories of our life. Of when we met. About the happier times, and everything we had experienced together.

What we had was far too beautiful to be forgotten.

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars

Let me start by saying I have been in an awful slump recently and haven't been able to enjoy reading so I was a little anxious when I picked this one up. I needn't have worried though, I instantly loved Braxton and Jemma's story, so much so I finished this in two sittings. It was just so easy to slip between the pages, and truthfully if I hadn't had to deal with real life stuff I could happily have devoured this in just one sitting,
I loved reading Braxtons letters just as much as Jem did, and I loved hearing about how they became best friends and how they then fell in love. And I loved how their now seemed to echo their past, it added an extra dimension to their relationship and allowed Jemma to make new but old memories at the same time. 

This is the first time I have read anything written by Perry and so had no expectations going in to this book. But given that I loved it so much I think its safe to say that I shall be branching out and seeking out Perry's other work.

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