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A Woman's Heart review

A Woman's Heart by Cathy Kelly
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Book Synopsis

A wedding can be a time of reflection..

Michael and Katy are getting married - and the family excitement enfolds their close friends and family in the Irish town of Bridgeport.

But three women's hearts hide the feelings t hey are struggling to deal with.

Leila, Katy's best friend, has a glamorous career in film PR, but her confident exterior conceals a badly broken heart after her own marriage falls apart.

Grace, Michael's mother has been divorced for fifteen years - but she can't help looking back at the decisions she and his father made and wondering -

And Vonnie, who runs the Natural Cake Company., finds the wedding gets under  her skin. She must put her own loss behind her if she is to make her new relationship and blended family work - for the sake of her young son as well as her own happiness.

With her usual perspective eye, Cathy Kelly captures the truth of women's lives in warm and unputdownable novel of friendship, family and the secrets we hide deep in our hearts.

 "Wise, warm, compassionate, it's like having a great gossip with your best friends" Marian Keyes

Shona's review 3 of 5 stars

I received an uncorrected proof of this from Harper Collins.

Compared to other Cathy Kelly books this one is rather small, novella size rather than full-sized novel. Which makes me think that perhaps what I have is a sneak peek, as taster if you will. And I really hope that is the case because this.. it felt like sitting down in the middle of a movie and not being able to watch it to the end.

There was just enough of a glimpse into everyone's lives that you wanted to know more, and not enough to really satisfy you.

This is the first sample of Kelly's work I have read and so far I like what I have read. Her writing is descriptive without being overly so. I look forward to reading the full length version (please let there be a full length version) of this and reading more by Cathy Kelly.
About the Author

One of Ireland's best-loved storytellers. Cathy Kelly is a number one best-seller in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Brought up in Dublin, Cathy initially worked as a news and features journalist for a national Irish newspaper, alongside being their film  critic and agony aunt, a role she describes as a 'bit like getting a PhD in people'.

She lives with her husband, John, their young twin sons, and their three dogs in County Wicklow, Ireland. She is also an Ambassador for UNICEF Ireland, raising funds and awareness for children orphaned by or living with HIV/AIDS

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