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Amanda Heartley: Christmas For Authors

Hello y’all and thank you Booky Ramblings for inviting me to your blog!

I grew up in the Midwest and moved to Southern California a long time ago. However, I find that my Midwestern values migrated with me. After 30 years of living in So Cali, I still have a twang, people still ask me where I am from and I have dinner every night with my family.
I love to write, hang out with the kids, watch movies and I’ve recently started working out. Don’t like that yet, but I do it. I also do some work for a friend and have finally found the delicious pleasure in writing erotic romance.
Watching movies is fun. Romantic comedies are my fave. I can’t handle any suspense, so any horror or blood and guts are out. I have to fast forward the crime if I am watching my favorite show, Blue Bloods. Tom Selleck is hot, even at his age. But then so is Donnie Wahlberg and Will Estes. It’s like a banana split, delicious, yummy and 3 times the fun! Can you imagine? YUM!
So how did you come up with the Southern Belles Series? What made you want to write about good friends and hot sex?
I love hot sex! I read a few erotic novellas just to see what all the commotion was about and they made the lady parts tingle a bit. I started writing and never looked back. In fact, I just finished the Southern Belles series with a sizzling, sexy conclusion called Blissmas. It’s a Christmas romance and hotter than hot! Writing it got my lady parts calling to me! It’s fun, exciting and I’m having a ball (or 2, pun intended!)
Are the characters based on someone you actually know, or did you just pop them out of your head?
Both, I base some of the characters loosely on people I know, people I meet, others just seem to come to me and names have been changed to protect the innocent.
I listen to what my readers tell me. A few of them were a bit curious about Daveed from Audition and him being so overtly gay. Some people told me he was too gay! I wanted him to look a little bit like a dark-haired Ricky Martin (isn't he so fuckin’ hot?) It seems that some people don't like him being gay, at least not so overtly gay as I’ve portrayed him in Audition. In defense of Daveed, I do have a gay friend and he's just like Daveed. In fact, he was the one who helped me give voice to Daveed!
So, sorry ladies….Daveed is gay and he loves cock!
Now Tommy Donovan from Betrayal, he's my dream man. Tall, powerful, goofy as hell and has a deep southern drawl that will curl your toes. He's a good ole country boy, takes care of his business and loves Annabelle. A lot. He went off on a tangent for a bit, but now he's back on track. He knows his Creator and he knows he's in love with Annabelle Gibbons aka Annie and he does whatever he can to protect her.
Annie, God bless her, she’s a beautiful dark-haired gal who just gave up her dream of becoming a movie star and lost her grandpa. The last family member she ever loved. She’s flighty, hurt and confused. Her best friend Marti is a firecracker. Annie is more subdued and Marti is an in-your-face kinda gal. Love them both!
Nick Vargas? My sexy Latino. I fucking love him. He sleeps with me every night in my dreams. I can hear his voice, smell his cologne and touch his mocha skin. Marti is a lucky girl to have him. Did I mention he’s rich?
Do you ever get mad at your characters?
All the time!. I re-read the scene and think ‘she’s just a spoiled little brat’ or ‘what a bitch’. Like Ellie in Blissmas. Total Biotch! Or they take a turn in the plot and go off on a tangent, leaving me to get them back on track! LOL
My beta readers didn't like Marti at the beginning of Blissmas, she was a bit snippy. Then they realized the hurt and confusion she was going through. She’s young and has a lot of torment inside. Poor gal.

When a reader finishes one of your books, what do you hope they say?
Holy shit! That was a wild ride! 5+Stars for Amanda Heartley! w00t!

What is your fantasy man like?
You are gonna laugh. Edward Cullen from Twilight. Rich, powerful, sensitive. Knows how to treat a woman and happens to show up to save the heroine just at the right time! Every time! Apparently he fucks like a VAMPIRE! I am definitely Team Edward!

Do you believe in true love?
Yep! Have I found it? Nope.

What books are you reading right now?
I read a lot of books and I’m blessed that I can read really fast. I read a lot of romance and erotica. For research (yeah, right) as well as entertainment. I find I like more steamy hot sex than fru fru romance.
Right now I’m reading something different than I usually do. It’s called “The Birthday Gift” by Elle Dawson. It has totally pissed me off, but I can’t put it down. I have to see what happens. She’s a great writer, got me hooked.
I am also reading A Fourth of July To Remember by T.J Honey. I met her through Facebook and she’s a great gal. I love how her mind works. She’s constantly coming up with new plots and ideas. I am one of her Beta readers and get to read some of her stuff before it hits the shelves.
A book I just finished and totally loved it is “The Sanctuary” by Sarah Collins. Its a sweet romance, no sex or anything frisky, but the way it was written, it just drew me in. Tough gal fighting greed and corruption for what she believes in.

What’s next for Amanda Heartley?
Writing, research and more writing! I’m working on my next novel. Yes, it’s a full length novel. Bad boys. Watch out!! Should be finished by the middle of 2014.  

I really want to thank Booky Ramblings for letting me come over here and talk to you guys. This has been really fun and it’s very humbling to write a story that people want to read and enjoy. It's even more humbling to be asked to talk about it.
Thanks to all the readers and fans of this site who took the time to get to know me a bit. Y’all can find me over on my blog or Facebook / Twitter and even Pinterest! Check out my redhead board! I love redheads!

Check out my books on the links below.
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