Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Gathering Review

The Gathering (Lia Fail Chronicles, #1)The Gathering by S.L. Dearing

Another world war has happened and everything we knew is now gone. There are no more countries. No more government... only survivors who have created a new world made up of small colonies. It has been thirteen years and the village of Lia Fail sits peacefully above the Hollywood Reservoir in the Santa Monica Mountains. The settlement is making ready to host the fall Gathering, a time where every six months the other colonies from various parts of what was once Southern California visit for ten days of fun and reminiscence. The Gathering begins as any other party. A time for new loves, old friends, family, dancing and fun, but all too soon that changes. The people in Lia Fail begin to notice strange things they can't explain, several are attacked by unseen forces and friends begin to distrust friends. When they receive news of a horrific massacre, they realize they must face an impending dark evil that threatens to descend on the tranquil village. Alia Stark, the queen of Lia Fail, must face this darkness. But she will face the evil along side her oldest and dearest friends, as well as an incredible new ally. The fate of her people, the lives of her children and freedom itself rests in her hands. Will she have the courage to do what must be done? This is the beginning of a journey that will change all of their lives forever.

Claires Review 5 of 5 Stars

The Gathering has been one of those books I've had on my tbr list for a while that I was interested in reading, so getting the chance to review it I jumped in with both feet and I wasn't disappointed!

Although at first I found the book different to what I had imagined, and it seemed to make me think a lot of Games of Thones. I felt a lot of characters where introduced rather quickly and sometimes I found myself getting lost as to who was who, which I was concerned about at first but it all fell into placed the more I continued to read. The thing I found great about this book is that it touched so many different genres, that I don't think I could pinpoint one genre to describe it! There is a bit of everything in there!!

The story was well written and keeps you hooked and wanting to read more! I cannot wait to see what else S.L. Dearing comes up with regarding book 2!

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