Thursday 25 June 2015

Book Release: Decisions of the Heart by Jessica Florence

Tristan is on the hunt to save his love, and he will destroy all of existence to find her.

Thalia was taken from him, and forced to remember everything from their past life.

Now on a race against time, he has to find her before the pain from her memories flooding her at an unnatural pace will cause damage.

He has waited over two millennia to be reunited with her, and he isn’t going to let anything stop him.
Not even her own mind.

Their journey has been filled with love, tears, and death.
But the journey is far from over.


Tell me what I want to know.” I sat in front of the man who kidnapped Thalia from me just four days ago. Every lead we had gone after was a bust. We were no closer to finding her than where we started. Until now.
Go to hell!” He cursed, his lip bloodied from Leander taking a little extra hit in for kidnapping his best friend. The man said the wrong thing. I touched the tips of his left hand, fingers that were tied to the old wooden chair, and took life from them. His screams of pain were music to my ears as I watched his little fingers turn to ash. I vowed I was done playing nice, and I meant it. I was not losing Thalia again. No one was going to stop me from getting her.
Alight! Stop!” He screamed and I stopped the progression of ash at his knuckles.
Tell me where she is.” I growled. I was getting impatient with this fuckhead.
He’s got her in his home in Greece.” He took a moment to catch his breath.
He knows you can’t go there.”
I pondered that information, I had a feeling he had taken her there. Greece was still some place I was not allowed to go. But following the rules was not something I was good at.
When was the last time you saw her?” I said cautiously, unsure of what he was going to tell me.
Athena forced her memories, she was lying in his bed unconscious.” Those were his final words. The anger that erupted from me was too strong to control. I watched as the man that took my Thalia crumbled into ash on the wooden chair. I seethed as I thought back on the pain that came from her soul after she was taken. It was from her memories flooding her mind.
FUCK!” I stood up and started pacing. My fingers ran through my hair frantically.
We need to figure this out, soon. She may not have much time. Zeus had warned everyone what forcing her memories would do to her.” Leander said as he walked in from the door that he closed to escape my anger.
We did need to find her, but I couldn’t fucking go where I had to. Suddenly the idea hit me like lightening.

Author Bio

I am a books, movie, and music nerd. I can tell you about every book I’ve read chapter by chapter. Can tell you about every movie I’ve ever seen, and can sing songs I’ve only heard once.
I’m pretty talented right?!
I absolutely love writing. It’s been a pure dream to write and put my stories out into the world for all the lovely readers to have in their grabby hands.
I currently own my own business in Southwest Florida.
I love the warm weather, and the humidity.
I love torturing my husband ;) playing with my dog Rogue, and making my super cute as hell baby smile.
I’m obsessed with survival stuff. Just put me out in the woods for a weekend and I will Bear Grylls it up!
I’m not a good cook, I can make quesadillas like no bodies business though!
I will always be me, and stand up for what I feel.
I am a geeky redhead that reads books, and likes to be outside.

That’s me. <3

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