Thursday 11 August 2016

Review: The Goodbye Gift by Amanda Brooke

A heartbreaking novel about friendship, love and sacrifice from R&J bestseller, Amanda Brooke
Lucy Cunliffe is waiting for a heart. Just twenty-four, she’s spent most of her life going in and out of hospital and after numerous operations, there’s nothing more the doctors can do, other than wait for the right donor. The day she gets the call is a day of joy and sorrow. Because for Lucy to get a new heart, someone else doesn’t need it any longer…
Julia, Helen and Phoebe are bound by long-standing friendship and mutual support, but each faces her own demons and a tragic accident is about to impact on their lives in a way they couldn’t have foreseen.
As the bonds of friendship are tested, we know one thing: Lucy will get her heart. The question is, who will give the gift of life?

Claire's Review 5 of 5 Stars

Ever since I read Amanda's book Another Way to Fall, I have needed every book of hers and once again this one doesn't disappoint. In fact, I think this may well be my favourite book of Amanda's so far.

The story follows three best friends - Julia, Helen, and Phoebe. All live different lives, different problems, and all hiding different secrets.

This book kept me gripped the entire way through, and many, many times I believed that I knew the outcome, only for the story to take an entirely different direction. My only complaint Is that I wish there had been a view into the future to see how things had turned out for the three friends and Lucy and her family.

I really cannot recommend this book enough, and once again Amanda has delivered an amazing and gripping read, and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for her readers next!

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