Friday, 28 October 2016

Review: Conflicted by A M Guillams

31216726I’m passionate, caring, and loyal to a fault. All traits that have gotten me to where I am today.

My future was finally headed in the direction I felt it was always meant to go. Anger fueled my determination for success. But life was never that easy. I should’ve known better than to think it would all just fall into place. All it took was one freak accident to cause my whole world to pause, teetering on emotions I never imagined were possible. Promises were made; vows I would keep until the day I died.

Delaney Winters came tumbling into my hometown with nowhere else to turn. Something about her calmed the storm that brewed inside of me. I tried and failed to keep myself from attempting to save her. I wanted to be more than just the hero she claimed she didn’t need.

Feelings were never supposed to develop.
Love was never part of the promise.
How far would you go to keep a promise before you crossed the line to love?
My name is Weston Corbin, and this is my story.

Ikira's Review - 4 out of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this read. According to other sources, it can be read as a standalone but I'd say it has to be read after Desolate. I was asked to read this one for an honest review and was given the opportunity to read both - so glad I took it as this would not have made entire sense without the back-story of Desolate.

The books cover a somewhat joined story between two seperate characters. The lead in this one, Weston is a wonderful character in Desolate, he is instrumental in helping a complete stranger through her grief and struggles. He shines as a knight; almost but not quite, to the point of being unbelieveable in that story and I expected much the same from him in this one. Once again, he does do the knight in shining armour bit for another lady in need but we see more of the real him, the bare bones of who he is as a person, what makes him tick and how he deals with his own stress, anger and grief as well as happiness and love...we do learn he is human and subject to the same emotions and stumbles as the rest of us which is nice.

The female lead for this story is Delaney - she is initially likeable, then a little frustrating and it seems she can't see what's right in front of her - again, much like the rest of us; I guess. My only complaint concerning Delaney really is her complete turnaround. So just to contradict myself a little, I didn't like the slowness of her realisation of what she had in front of her but then really didn't like the suddenness of her turnaround. The pace just seemed off somehow.

From the previous book, we can't forget the very important role of Magdalena. She is really the reason Weston manages to realise what he needs to face his own issues. He knows it deep down; of course, but her influence is key to his own survival this time around.

The whole group have faced some rotton tradgedies and just when you think it's all getting better, they have to face another - I can't tell you how it ends but I can assure you it will be a read you won't forget for a while! Dear readers, enjoy x

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